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Questions you have asked at Parent Consultation

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FuntoLearn Mon 14-Feb-11 10:54:01

Would be interested to hear some of the questions you have asked the teacher at Parent Consultation in the past... Not just:

How is she getting on with her friends?
Is there anything we need to concentrate on at home?

notnowbernard Mon 14-Feb-11 10:55:24

That's all I've wanted to ever know, really

And whether she is working at the level expected of her year group

RoadArt Mon 14-Feb-11 20:52:50

There was a post recently from a teacher asking for parents points of views as to what the teacher should provide. It had some great ideas of the sorts of questions parents ask, you might be able to look at that. If I find it I will bump it for you

FuntoLearn Tue 15-Feb-11 09:06:55

Thank you RoadArt - that was really useful.

kanazawa54 Fri 25-Dec-15 00:25:38

Dear all, I have a prob yet no solution. myyoungestbro,13yo doesnt attend school (since this august).Should be in first grade in junior high school. flashback, august, his junior high school friends (7males) attacked mybro at his school.myparents transfered him to other school. He attended only 1-2 weeks. After that he did not attend school (til now). My parents already checked him to the hospital All tests normal.phyciatrist too. normal. they said myparents can not force him due to his trauma. til now, he does not attend, nor will about the school. Mymom offered to transfer again but no answer. He just plays game,My parents do not want make his trauma even more. need your help

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