100% cotton boys school trousers

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puddleofpiddle Sun 06-Feb-11 20:20:11

Has anyone seen any? DS1 is starting to outgrow his trousers but I'm having real trouble finding some replacements...
Any infromation gratefully received grin

PrettyCandles Sun 06-Feb-11 20:22:29

Why do you want 100% cotton?

ragged Sun 06-Feb-11 20:23:27

How old is he? What size does he need?
There was a place that specialised in them, but limited sizes, eczema specialists.
occasionally you can get them at Tesco or Asda, I think but stocking's very hit and miss.

If it's important it might be worth getting them custom made.

squatbottom Sun 06-Feb-11 20:31:49

My ds has excema and we buy his uniform online from cotton comfort.

Arneb Sun 06-Feb-11 20:34:07

www.eczemaclothing.com/Department/School+Uniform/C 52++School+Trousers.htm

I have had these for DS who has eczema so needs 100 percent cotton. DS is very young - Nursery age so need pull up trouser - think there are more options with zips from other eczema clothing retailers. Next did a 98 percent cotton trouser last year with Teflon coating unfortunately not suitable for DS.

Theses one have not been great with keeping shape or colour - this may well be a feature of them being cotton.

Will watch thread and see what other options people come up with.

Talkinpeace Sun 06-Feb-11 20:36:31

John Lewis - a lot cheaper than you'll expect
none on the straight website but if you call them....

puddleofpiddle Sun 06-Feb-11 20:37:38

He has excema so we've avoided polyester until now, pretycandles.
Ragged - he's 6, 24" waist. Not sure we could afford custom made sad
I've found some on JL that are 80% + cotton but £21 a pair so I'm still looking!
Squatbottom I will have a look at cotton comfort smile

iheartdusty Sun 06-Feb-11 20:42:59

nigel's eco store out of stock at the moment, but a better price.

PrettyCandles Sun 06-Feb-11 20:48:25

What about wool? IIRC JL do very nice wool school trousers at reasonable price. Don't remember whether pure or mix, though. I think they may also do cotton-viscose mix.

Do any of the other mums sew? Could you offer something you can do in exchange? I did this for the mum of a child with SN, who was being faced with paying £20+ per shirt to have them converted from buttons to poppers! I did it for her, and she made me a family-sized main course or dessert for every shirt.

Bad time of year to need school trousers! I struggled to get something to fit very slender ds1 at the begining of term - minimal choice available.

bran Sun 06-Feb-11 20:52:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puddleofpiddle Sun 06-Feb-11 20:57:30

Arneb - xposted I think! Thanks for the link, will put them on the list but a bit too expensive for me sad
iheartdusty - had a look at nigels and sent an email to see if they would be getting any more stock
prettycandles - I might ask my mother if she has time to make any or to give me crash course on following patterns...
Just put a bid on for a pair on eBay smile

Ixia Sun 06-Feb-11 21:03:39

Tis a pain. I've managed to keep DD in 100% cotton (skirts and trousers) for 2yrs, mainly via Ebay, but Tesco sometimes has fairtrade cotton. JL had none last year. M&S has black cotton skinkind uniform.

If you buy from Ebay, make sure you confirm the items are cotton, an amazing amount of sellers just assume they are. There is also a website Lint-kids, but we found the quality of skirts/trousers dreadful.

This is my bugbear about school uniform, kids clothes are usually cotton and survive the rough and tumble, why an earth to we need teflon coated polyester school clothes?

puddleofpiddle Sun 06-Feb-11 22:30:30

bran - thanks for letting me know abou the fit, ds1 is skinny so I'll have to rethink!
Ixia - I've actually found a lot more stuff for girls than boys.
DS1 is really good with clothes, not a rough and tumble type so at least all of his uniform can be handed down to ds2. I have the same problem with teflonbut even if I look for poly/viscose trousers it's difficult to find any teflon free stuff... Thanks for the tip about ebay, will email seller and check cotton content!

onimolap Sun 06-Feb-11 22:41:02

John Lewis - ask in the uniform department as not all stock is out.

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