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Could the average Reception age child read this passage?

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Avocadoes Thu 03-Feb-11 12:52:25

"I want to go to Lily's party. I will go on the bus, then I will walk. There will be cake and lots of fun. Do you want to come too?"

My DD is nearly 4 and a half and her reading has just been assessed (by school) using the passage above.

I am just interested in whether most Reception kids would be able to read all the words in that passage and do so without halting to figure out each individual word.

learnandsay Sun 11-Nov-12 23:31:37

I think there's quite a bit going on that we don't understand, and by that I mean none of us. Loads of people denigrate reciting familiar texts as not reading. (Personally I think they're often, but not always wrong, but we'll let that one go.) But the wee one was reading a Hopscotch Elves & Shoemaker today, with words like amazed, incredible and heaven knows what else. And I thought wait a minute. I know you can read, but not this well, surely! It turns out that the other half had read the book once (and only once, apparently) to her last week. I only got it from the library last week. Something's going on in the kid's brain if it can remember the word amazing or incredibly for a week. (And the other half is abroad at the moment, so it couldn't have been more.) It may not be scientifically significant, but if four year olds can remember and read words like incredibly and amazed, then why are we sending them home with:

Dot got a pot and Sam can ban a pan?

Bessie123 Sun 11-Nov-12 23:32:09

My dd is 4yrs 8 months and she could read it. I don't do extra reading with her at home, only those stupid Biff, Chip and Kipper books she gets from school for bedtime reading

londoniana Mon 12-Nov-12 17:02:30

at 4, I believe children should be able to play with others and learn through play!

my dd is in Reception, August born so fairly young. I'm rather annoyed with all the homework that WE get. phonetics, cursive handwriting, rhymes, etc.

having said that, DD loves the books she gets from school (3 books/week) and loves to do her homework for 10-min at a time (max!). we get to write 4 letters from Fri to Wed, it's too much!!

so my agenda is a bit different than her teacher's. I encourage her to look at the pictures and tell a story and draw things.

sounding out letters, blending, handwriting - for now I'll let the school deal with that.

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