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Need advice on schools in south hams and Plymouth area

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Leo29 Thu 27-Jan-11 17:41:45

We are moving to Devon and are looking to live to the east in the south hams or north of Plymouth towards Tavistock. We are looking for a primary school with a family friendly approach, where parents are very welcome. Also important to us is the focus of the head being the children and their development, rather than the ofsted report. We also need advice on choosing an area to feed into good secondary schools/ grammar.
Any views welcome, thankyou!

UniS Thu 27-Jan-11 18:50:29

A feeder school to Ivybridge college may be a good idea. Its a cracking good school, large, and with multiple strengths. Certainly at present Ivybridge has a rather better reputation than Tavistock community college.

Chaam27 Tue 09-Aug-16 18:54:50

We are moving to the Totnes area and are looking for a primary school for our son. We would like a school focused on the individual child. Also want him to be happy! Can anyone share their experiences/ give advice? I am looking at Diptfotd and Habertonford schools. Thanks

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