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Bute House - opinions greatly received!

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meanttobe Sun 23-Jan-11 21:45:13

My dd is a fairly able bunny. Having taken a few 7 plus tests she has been offered a place at LEH (we like), Putney High (not keen!) and we are awaiting decisions following final interviews at Bute House and Latymers. I am fairly informed on all the schools except Bute House. Any current parents opinions or those in the know greatfully received. The potential of a place at the end of her time there at SPGS is not a draw for us. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!

BrookGreen Mon 27-Jun-11 22:50:28

Just wondering whether you got any feedback and where you decided to send DD? We have also been thinking about LEH and Bute but don't know anyone with girls in either.

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