Ludgrove school

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Ludgrove Tue 18-Jan-11 02:54:25

What are your opinions of Ludgrove school?

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perfectstorm Tue 18-Jan-11 03:43:58

That I'd love to be rich enough to have any. grin

Butkin Tue 18-Jan-11 16:03:36

Watching this thread with interest as one of DD's class mates starts there in September.

DD is very impressed!

Ludgrove Tue 18-Jan-11 17:28:15

I first heard of Ludgrove school several years ago when I read a book on Prince William, lets all have a laugh, I was one of those who wanted to know everything about him. The book said that Ludgrove was a full boarding boys school, boys slept in dormitories of eight, phone calls home were forbidden, wrote a weekly letter home, went home once a month, eight o'clock curfew, boys were taught Latin and Greek, the school has a golf course and excellent facilities. PS ALL of the figures in the book were based on 1990 information, so the school may be completely different today.

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Ludgrove Thu 20-Jan-11 00:27:29

What criteria do you use in selecting a school?

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Richmondmumofthree Tue 30-Jan-18 22:51:49

Yes all completely diff today. Small boarding dormitories if max 8 (4bunks) allowed home every other weekend

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