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Where to buy lunch box/bag that doesn't smell?!?

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phonix Sun 16-Jan-11 11:32:01

Well, the question above says it all really. Please advise!! The one we got yesterday smells horribly even after a whole day of being left open. We're looking for one that has a similar lining to cooler bags.

smee Sun 16-Jan-11 17:52:57

John Lewis do one, or did - it has a shoulder strap and costs about £10.

SlowComfortableShrew Sun 16-Jan-11 18:02:23

I put the bags in the washing machine they come up really well.

phonix Sun 16-Jan-11 20:34:23

thanks guys,
We've checked JL today, but the ones they had in the store all had a similar very smelly plasticy lining sad.
SlowC - on what cycle do you wash them and how come that shiny polyester/PEVA lining doesn't come apart?
DH says there is no point searching for a better one as they'll all be made of this same material inside, probably because it's children who use it and easier to wipe clean.
Hmm, not sure, the one we bought yesterday has now stunk out the whole kithen angry...
I personally think it's a health hazard.

Heroine Sun 16-Jan-11 20:39:25

does it have to be a keep things cool one? I like Muji's stainless steel ones (and the look cool)

Clarabel22 Sun 16-Jan-11 21:03:16

Bento boxes are great, everything goes through the dishwasher and they last for years.

phonix Sun 16-Jan-11 21:18:14

Hmm, good qs Heroine, not sure about the answer though - I just assumed it had to be a cooler bag type of thing in order to keep things (savoury sandwiches) fairly fresh for up to 3-4-5 hrs.

Oh, I like both the Muji and the Bento ones!!! This term is our very first doing packed lunches (you can probably tell blush), will ask school tomorrow about different lunch boxes.

MilaMae Sun 16-Jan-11 22:11:10

I use the ridgid plastic lunch boxes from lunchboxes etc although quality this year has been variable.

My dd has the Skip Hop owl one and it's fab. She's also been given a Tyrel Katz one that has been fantastic.

SlowComfortableShrew Sun 16-Jan-11 22:32:06

I just wash them on the normal cycle a good quality one doesn't seem to come apart. My daughter had a fantastic Mr fox one this year.

DreamTeamGirl Sun 16-Jan-11 22:51:49

We just have regular plastic ones like this Ben 10 one
Never noticed any smell beyond the slightly plastic smell when you very first open it, but maybe you have a very sensitive nose?

TBH, by the time it gets home with apple juice spilt inside and half a sarnie soaked into the lining the plastic is the least of your worries .....

phonix Mon 17-Jan-11 01:10:58

OK, DH confessed that he bought ours for £5 from Matalan....hmm could this be the reason for the awful smell?!?? It looks lovely though. He still insists the ones in John L were the same.
SlowC - ours would definitely NOT survive in the wash!!
Off to the shops tomorrow and will hunt down the ones listed above.

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