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Is this a constructive comment in DS reading book?

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shrimpster Sun 16-Jan-11 10:37:49

Just wondering, DS is in reception class he has just turned 5. He has very quickly picked up and learnt the sounds of all the letters phase 2and3.

Twice a week he has set reading time at school with either the Teacher or TA. When he comes home I look forward to reading the comments they have made, generally the comments are very encouraging and give DS lots of praise for his effort, be it spotted sounds, blending cvc words with support etc

However the last comment has left me wondering, Struggled to read. Should he be able to read more confidentely by now or was it DS being lazy on the day?!

Comments welcomed.

sparkle12mar08 Sun 16-Jan-11 10:40:25

Ask the teacher on Monday...

onimolap Sun 16-Jan-11 10:40:59

It was probably just an off day, as they're usually full of praise.

Octavia09 Sun 16-Jan-11 10:49:02

I would not be offended by this comment. Could be that your DS was not aware of the words in the book or could not make a connection between the pictures and the words. Just practice. I do not think the message was personal.

IndigoBell Sun 16-Jan-11 10:57:23

I'm really confused. Do you only want to hear good things about your son? Then you're in the right country....

Don't take it to hear or obsess about it. Yesterday he struggled to read and they wrote that. No big deal.

If you get that comment every day then you need to discuss it with the teacher and find out what school are doing to help him...

But as a one off comment? Ignore. And be glad that your school are prepared to tell you the truth occassionally.

namechangesgalore Sun 16-Jan-11 11:17:58

Can't see anything wrong with that comment at all. But if they keep putting similar I'd look into why e.g. is he on the wrong level, and is there anything you can do at home to help.

Do you want them to only write 'read well' even if he didn't? What would the point be of that?

OffToNarnia Sun 16-Jan-11 14:35:15

I do think perhaps the teacher or Ta could have elaborated a teeny bit. As others have said- ..struggled to read what? Maybe the book was too hard? Maybe Ds was tired? However don't think you need to be heavy handed, just ask for a little explanation. You could actually just put a comment in the reading record asking if they could expand on 'struggled to read' so you can help support your son appropriately.

Goingspare Sun 16-Jan-11 14:46:06

It's a bit blunt, and only useful is expanded. I wonder whether they meant that he was clearly not in the mood or distracted.

shrimpster Sun 16-Jan-11 15:02:31

Thank you all for your comments. I'm thinking it was probable that DS wasn't in the mood!! hmm

Smithagain Sun 16-Jan-11 16:33:33

Well I would write "struggled to read" in my own kids' reading records, if they found it particularly difficult, or were too tired, or couldn't be bothered. Sometimes they find it easy and interesting. Sometimes they struggle. No need to read anything into it. If it seems a bit terse, maybe the teacher was just in a rush?

wishingforcrystalball Sun 16-Jan-11 17:44:36

If it's a new level I would interpret 'struggled to read' as words were challenging - which is what you want to a certain degree, although not too much.

If it's an existing level I would interpret it as 'could not be arsed'.

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