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changing schools dilemma-do i take the gamble?

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snowfallinthesahara Thu 13-Jan-11 23:35:58

ds is 6 and in yr 1..currently goes to a school 5 mins drive away..was a nightmare to get to before i got my license a month ago(long wait for the bus,etc) ,but now that i can drive..the school run isnt so traumatic.hes doing really wellmixed class y1/y2.on the gifted and talented register(for now anyway!)
now here comes the dilemma.had applied to the local school,about 10 min walk away and nothing came thru-till now.just when things have settled at his current school!
this school seems much,much larger and they do not seem to cater half as well for children of his ability.had a look round today and the head said -g&t?ah well,that might plateu.

but pluses i feel are: this school is local,so local childminders can easily pick up and drop off-which is important as ive just gone back to uni full time..and dd2 can be with the same cm.
ALSO this school feeds into a really good junior school,whereas his current one doesnt.this junior school is impossible to get into come year 3..or so i have been told.
so do i uproot him from a good school now and hope for the best re a junior school in a years time?
OR do i move him to this local one(which is also btw rated good w/ outstanding features on ofsted-just didnt feel right for us) to ensure he gets a good junior school?
which gamble do it take?
Pls help-im so confused!

snowfallinthesahara Thu 13-Jan-11 23:37:26

sorry typo-i meant,do i take?

kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 14-Jan-11 07:52:49

IIWY, I'd stick with the one he's in at the moment. If I am understanding your post properly you seem to like it.
We are taking a huge gamble in the summer. DD and I are moving back to England so that DD can enter a junior school which feeds an outstanding senior. If she gets a place that is.

Greeninkmama Fri 14-Jan-11 09:00:53

Oh I am in similar position - have to apply for my DD2's primary school and am not sure whether to stick with the school DD1 is already in or apply for my original choice and then if DD2 gets in to swap over DD1. This whole school thing is hideous.

I wouldn't worry about the junior school when making your decision because everyone in the feeder school will have to apply and it will be done on distance not on what primary school the child is in (double check with admissions).

The current school sounds better for you but your own needs are also important and I think it is fine to swap him if it makes life much easier and you think he will cope. BTW, they don't seem to do anything about G&T at this age other than ensure extension activities in the classroom, so I am not sure how significant that is.

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