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EYFS in year 1?

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JaMMam Thu 13-Jan-11 21:14:27

Evening all,

does anyone know if it is acceptable for year 1 children to follow an eyfs curriculum when they are in a mixed reception/year 1 class?

mrz Fri 14-Jan-11 19:52:03

Do you mean using the EYFS approach in Y1 or using the content?

ellenbrody Fri 14-Jan-11 19:59:48

Children would still be working towards achieving the Foundation Stage outcomes even in Year 1, if they had not met them by the end of reception year.
Not uncommon.
I work in Year 1 class and a few of the children are still working within the EYFS, usually the summer born ones, just takes them a while to 'catch up', planning is done accordingly with EYFS outcomes and those for the National Curriculum on the targets.

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