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Any experience of Lewisham primary waiting lists?

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OMaLittle Mon 10-Jan-11 22:08:27

We are first on Horniman, fourth on Eliot Bank, fourteenth on Fairlawn. DD is nearly 4.9, so should have started reception this week. We had been told there was a place at Horniman, but turns out there isn't. Any idea how long we might have to wait? We'll be home edding for now as don't want to move her, and places we were offered (we've just moved back to the country) were too far away. Just getting worried as the turnover is reportedly low, and lower at Horniman due to one-form entry.

Thanks for help!

ps MASSIVE apologies if we've pushed anyone else down by moving into the area blush

OMaLittle Mon 10-Jan-11 22:17:18


SE13Mummy Mon 10-Jan-11 22:31:32

DD1 was on the waiting list for a Reception place elsewhere in the borough last year. She started Reception at a school we didn't want her at but was only there for a term as a place became available where we did want her....

A friend's DD started at the same original school January 2010 and went onto the waiting list for my DD's current school shortly afterwards. She started at 'school 2' at Easter.

My experience suggests that you may not have to wait too long but school 2 is a 2-form-entry school.

What I would advise is to keep a very close check on Lewisham Admissions Dept - there appears to be some confusion as to how waiting lists should be managed, whether or not it's acceptable to withdraw places offered in error etc. etc. Do not be afraid to become au fait with the Admissions Code (which is a statutory and legal document, not an optional piece of guidance).

OMaLittle Mon 10-Jan-11 23:14:56

Thanks very much, will download and memorise (?!) immediately. Really appreciate the input.

prh47bridge Tue 11-Jan-11 00:25:37

The Admissions Code is a bit big to memorise!

There was certainly a suspicion that Lewisham are breaking the Admissions Code by putting late applicants at the end of the waiting list. They aren't allowed to do that. And there are very few circumstances in which an offer can be withdrawn once it has been made.

There are a number of people on here who know the Admissions Code inside out. If you need any advice post on here and you will get an answer quickly.

OMaLittle Tue 11-Jan-11 09:49:57

Yes, I saw that - didn't realise it was a book (dunce emoticon). Have ordered it. I don't think that has happened to us re waiting lists, we've had great service so far from Lewisham. Thanks again for the help.

Panelmember Tue 11-Jan-11 16:23:04

My child started school at a one-form entry school in a borough not so far from Lewisham. Of course, every school/borough is different, but by the end of reception about 2 children had already moved away. There is a lot of mobility in London schools.

Even so, do keep close tabs on how the waiting list is being managed.

Talkinpeace Tue 11-Jan-11 17:01:49

There are a number of people on here who know the Admissions Code inside out. If you need any advice post on here and you will get an answer quickly.
says prh who knows it INCREDIBLY well.
OMa - you are in the right place for advice.

clux73 Wed 12-Jan-11 12:17:47

My daughter is at school in Lewisham.

My daughter started at our second choice school and was only there for 2 weeks before a place at our first choice school came up.

When places were originally allocated we were 7th on the waiting list for our favourite school.

We were always told that its very likely that places come up in the first 4 weeks of term as people either don't turn up or they don't like it and go elsewhere.

We live between Lewisham and Southwark and in my experience Lewisham Council are far more efficient, helpful and organised than Southwark.

Hope you get a place soon.

OMaLittle Wed 12-Jan-11 21:24:54

Thanks all. Fingers crossed. Actually wouldn't mind home-edding but DD I think really misses being in a busy environment and also seems to hate being taught things by me! Must be my great manner... remember the same with my parents, must be learnt behaviour wink

SidandAndyssextoy Tue 14-Jul-15 18:09:13

Sorry to revive an ancient thread but it popped up on google. Lewisham admissions have just told me that waiting lists expire at the end of the academic year, ie end of August, whereas I thought it was the end of the calendar year. Which is right? Academic year seems very silly to me as loads of kids get offers in September I hear.
Obviously whichever it is I know I can request my child stays on, but I'm rather thrown at being told something different to my understanding.

SE13Mummy Wed 15-Jul-15 00:18:51

I believe the current system in Lewisham is that children remain on waiting lists for Reception places until the end of the first term. There are always families who will move out of the area over the holiday but didn't want to give up their place in case the move didn't go ahead/children who don't turn up because the parents have taken up a place elsewhere so there tends to be a fair bit of movement during September and October.

SidandAndyssextoy Wed 15-Jul-15 00:27:15

That's my understanding too, SE13Mummy. The list runs till December. If Lewisham have changed this, or their staff are giving the wrong information, it's a bit worrying. The starting school brochure gives no details.
If the lists are closing at the end of August then many children will end up missing out on those start of term places because they've dropped off the waiting list.

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