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4+ 5+ 7+ assessments

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mumteacher Mon 10-Jan-11 09:43:42

Anyone done any assessments yet? How's it going?

lovecheese Mon 10-Jan-11 09:45:19

Ah, right, you're talking private? No, state here.

zzlondongirlzz Mon 10-Jan-11 21:03:13

just done a 4+ today - there is another thread 'Prep school assessment support group', though not alot on it yet. I guess I can only say that my DD was really excited about going to a 'big school' today so she went into the room no problem (I was worried about her being difficult about being left somewhere strange) - I noticed the first 'test', could she pick out her name from the list of sticker names....she got it phew! I couldn't really get a coherent answer to what they did other than some painting...she had fun so thats good enough for me.

mumteacher Tue 11-Jan-11 13:41:15

zzlondongirlzz - Sonuds like your DD did well. Was it a prep school or NLCS/HABS? Doe she have any others coming up? How you coping?

ITgeek Fri 04-Feb-11 15:20:42

my DD got through to the 2nd round at 2 north london schools but didn't get a place in both schools. We didn't do any coaching etc but while we were there tmost of the kids were coached. I'm plannign on re appling next year for the 5+ assesment any ideas on how to help my DS would be good.

emy72 Fri 04-Feb-11 21:31:07

Coached at 4? Please tell me you are joking!
I think I must live in a parallel universe!!!

mumteacher Fri 04-Feb-11 21:47:47

When 250 girls apply for 40 places and the girls are just attending nursery it's fair game. But when some parents choose to get extra help for their children so that their children can do well in these assessments it raises the benchmark. So even if you don't want to tutor sometimes your left with very little choice - if you want a particular school for your child.

Harsh reality but reality non-the-less.

zzlondongirlzz Mon 07-Feb-11 14:11:39

Only two places on waiting lists here (we only applied to these two preps though). These were not rigorously selective schools either like NLCS or SHHS....guess we'll be taking our chances on a good state school offer! Naively I thought that if you were prepared to pay then you could have a choice, how wrong I was!

Sweetpear Wed 18-Jan-12 11:25:41

Dear Mumteacher,

Please please can you help my son is sitting 5+ at habs we have been working together but what are they going to assess him on. I am panicing now as I haven't got long and have started working on him roughly 6 months ago my daughter is already at habs and would love my son to go there but he is shy please please help

mumteacher Fri 20-Jan-12 23:25:18

Sweetpear I have pm'd you. Currently i'm very busy since I have four girls sitting round2 at Habs but if I can help I will.

DRMSA Sat 21-Jan-12 14:05:22

Hi Mumteacher,
My son is also sitting the 5+ for habs and I would really appreciate any help!

mumteacher Sun 22-Jan-12 17:12:18

Drmsa have pm you.

Although must say if it's this yr you're sitting the 5+ there isn't much time.

Millhillmummy Sat 23-Feb-13 18:57:19

Hi, my son has just got through to the second round at Habs 5+, any advice on what to expect?


DeeptiatStresslessHappiness Mon 15-Jul-13 16:16:51

Hi there,
Hope you are well.
My son is taking the 7+ entrance exam at Haberdashes Elstree in Jan 2014.
I wonder if I can have a chat with you? I wonder if I can tell you where my son is at in terms of his academic knowledge and progress. Would like your insight please.
I would also like to know where you are based as I might be looking at tutoring my son.
Thank you very much.

mumteacher Tue 16-Jul-13 21:12:30

Deepti I have pm you. Happy to help if I can x

englishmumcominghome Wed 17-Jul-13 10:12:55

mumteacher - please could you pm me? I'm in a bit of a mess. We live in Joburg and as the name says - we're coming home. Due back April time next year, and have one son who's just turned 7 and one who's just turned 5 (in march).

Have the horror of trying to find schools - am I too late for entry before september 14?

Don't want to bore everyone else on the thread with all the details but some insights, assistance and knowledge would be fab!


Swimmingwithsharks Fri 19-Jul-13 19:34:38

Hi Mum Teacher,
I have a summer born who will be sitting 7+ for 2014 entry. I am clueless as to what the schools really expect and the level that he will need to be at to be considered.
Could you give me any tips?
If you are in the London or surrounding area, would you consider assessing my son to see if he is up to scratch to even attempt these exams? Thank you, any advice or guidance would be gratefully received!

mumteacher Mon 22-Jul-13 22:46:53

Englishmum try here

Swimming withsharks have pm you.

Snazzy123 Wed 26-Feb-14 12:20:03

Hi there,

My daughter recently went to the 4+ assessment at both HABS and NLCS and got through to interviews but didn't make it. She is a late Summer born so I'm not sure if this had something to do with it - but is very bright for her age. We really would like to try her again at 5+ for HABS in 2015 but are really confused about the selection progress. If anyone has a daughter in HABS and can advise on what we need to do I would be most grateful!!! I also heard done parents tutored their 4 year olds! I didn't even think that was possible!!

slowcomputer Wed 26-Feb-14 23:03:08

there is a much busier thread called 3+ 4+ 5+ 7+ support thread 2014, it'll be in the first page or two of this forum, much more info there.

somanyschools Thu 27-Feb-14 14:50:29

Swimmingwithsharks - Regarding 7+ assessments, have a look at this:!what-to-expect-for-the-7/c1hsu

sanam2010 Fri 28-Feb-14 12:44:36

somanyschools - is this your website? it looks like it was only registered a couple of weeks ago and doesn't even work!

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