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At the end of my tether and rapidly sinking.....

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princesspeepee Fri 07-Jan-11 19:17:22

Hello all, any help appreciated! My son is 7 years old, now in year three, and has been diagnosed as mild Dyspraxic, he was diagnosed whilst in Reception. The school wer great to start with, very informative, very proactive, very keen to keep him on par with his peers, confident that the older he got he less of a diference his dyspraxia would be a stigma/handicap/disability and certainly this seems to be the case when I have researched it.
My issue now is that the school only keep me informed when they wish for me to sign the forms for funding and I don't feel that they are in fact doing the best for my son. I don't seem to get a straight answer as to where this funding goes to for my son, or where he is benefiting from the funding. The lack of routine- the very thing that he requires most- drives both my son and myself mad, one moment he is considered SEN, the next he has to 'make the grade' with the other kids,
I guess what i am asking for is if anyone out there has ANY experience of the system and can give me any idea as to what questions I can ask in my meeting with them on monday. (no pressure or anything, but thats this monday coming!) Or where to go, above the Headmaster I would be massively grateful




mrz Fri 07-Jan-11 19:54:31

They get funding for mild dyspraxia?

bobala Fri 07-Jan-11 20:09:28

was also going to ask about the funding? I assume he has an IEP? Our dyspraxic pupils, depending on need, get 1-1 support in class for lessons such as art/D&T which involve manipulating equipment, as well as 1-1 withdrawal for specific exercises as recommended by their OT/PHysio. We liaise with PE staff so that they are well aware of the needs/abilities/issues and we have some PE equipment specially suitable for these children.
What are his specific issues if you don't mind telling?
(I am a SENCo at a Primary school)

mrz Fri 07-Jan-11 20:14:42

Our dyspraxic pupils have group exercise sessions based on a programme from the LA Developmental coordination disorder team. Other difficulties would be supported within the class as appropriate. We use Provision Mapping rather than IEPs (I'm also a Primary Senco)

Jellykat Fri 07-Jan-11 20:56:06

My DS2 (now 12) Is Dyspraxic.
At primary he had special lessons with 3 other children, for balance,co-ordination and core stability.
He had a few out of class,1 to 1 lessons per week,-but what really made a huge difference, was that some of his funding went on his own school laptop(which he used in class) and touch typing lessons.His hands were so painful before that,with gripping his pen so tightly,and he got left so far behind if writing, prior to this...

I had regular meetings/communication with the senco-which were really important!

mrz and bobala, Could i just quickly ask you,as i have been trying to find out..My DS2 is on School Action Plus at Secondary,and the Senco there is new and rubbish! Should i not know what the specific instructions/plans are for DS? Or is SAP just general as they get older?

bobala Fri 07-Jan-11 21:02:10

good grief you should certainly know exactly what's going on - altho I am Primary and having said that the Senco at my son's secondary school is useless about keeping me in the loop about his support too.

mrz Fri 07-Jan-11 21:03:27

Sorry I'm confused you say he is on school action plus but you say his funding?

I would imagine the school uses Provision Mapping rather than IEPs but you should still have the opportunity to discuss his support with the school.

admission Fri 07-Jan-11 21:34:47

I think that you need to ask a straight question and get a straight answer.
The straight question has to be if i sign this form what funding does this give and how is it being used to my child's benefit.

I am not sure whether in fact your child will get any specific SEN funding or not. It will obviously depend on the level of need.
Certainly in my LA any SEN funding for an individual pupil that does not have a statement does not have to be spent directly on 1 to 1 support, it is up to the school to use the funding appropriately and show the progress that the pupil is making. That is clearly not happening with you so you need to insist on establish what funding, if any, is coming to the school and how it is actually being used

Jellykat Fri 07-Jan-11 22:18:30

mrz and bobala It was all fantastic at primary school, and up until last September at Secondary.. When the new Senco arrived! I think the school is cutting costs as she is also in charge of admissions and school discipline.. When i rang the school to make an appt. her secretary said i needed to see the head of year,without even finding out what i needed to discuss!..When i finally met her,she didn't have a clue what was going on!but muttered about him still being on SAP.

Will give her another kick up the backside i think, as he is really struggling.There is only 1 teaching assistant for the whole class,and she never helps him,and that's it!..For a SAP pupil?

I seems once they get to Secondary school, all seems to get lost, with so many teachers and pupils!

(Apologies for hijack OP!!!)

mrz Sat 08-Jan-11 11:45:39

In my LA there is no targeted funding for individual children without a statement. At school action plus there should be other professionals involved (working with him?) i wouldn't automatically expect a TA to be working with a child at SA+.

Jellykat Sat 08-Jan-11 15:11:48

Thank you mrz

It's a bit tricky as DS2s OT and Paed Consultant are in the county where we live, but the school and its LA are in another!the communication between the two, seems to be
lacking somewhat.But i will make appt. to see Senco again next week..

mrz Sat 08-Jan-11 15:16:53

I have to say I only get an annual report from Paediatricians (if I'm lucky) and OTs only when I request an update and that's the same county

princesspeepee Sat 08-Jan-11 20:41:19

Thank you to everyone who commented on here. I shall be armed and informed for the monday meeting......



Jellykat Mon 10-Jan-11 18:53:34

ppp- How did you get on today?

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