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Cambridgeshire villages and schools

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cumulonimbus Wed 05-Jan-11 16:54:10


(I've already posted this on MN Local, but wonder if this is a better place for it - so I apologies if you end up seeing this twice.)

Does anyone have any inside information on these villages and their primary schools south/west of Cambridge?

Great and Little Shelfords
Great and Little Abingtons

We're thinking of moving to the area and I would be really interested to hear the pros and cons.

A few things I'd love to know:
What's the school like?
What's it like for kids going to very small village schools with mixed-year classes?
(And what are the staff-related past problems mysteriously referred to in the Shelford Ofsted report??)
Are there many activities locally for kids, especially drama, judo, swimming?
How about stuff like pilates for grown-ups?
Does it feel like living in a village, or more like an extension of Cambridge?
How easy is it to pop into town?
What's the village like socially?

(Would also be interested to hear about any other nearby villages/schools I haven't mentioned above.)

Thanks very much.

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