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do I ask to see my sons work??

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babeinthewood Tue 04-Jan-11 22:17:31

My sons teacher (hes 5 in y1) complains that my son lacks application and she cant get him to do his work.

I thought that perhaps the situation had righted itself because she hasnt said anything but my friend helps out in the class regularly has said she's heard the teacher telling him off for not completing work.

I was struggling to get him to read the school books at home so I wrote her a note and all she said was 'yes, he seems switched off at the moment' when really I was asking her what I should do. So I went to see the head who agreed that some children dont like reading the school books and that I perhaps send him in with some of the books he DOES like reading. and said that He would speak to my sons teacher. Since then Ive heard nothing, but my DS keeps comming home and saying things like @today we wrote a postcard, and I finished mine first, but dont tell my teacher'

Im tempted to go and look at his work, and see how much he really does before it goes on any longer and he learns nothing. flipside is he may not write stuff down but the other day he told me all about the fire of london, when and where it happened and why it spread so quickly! not bad for a 5 year old!

any sugestions/comments?

Mspontipine Tue 04-Jan-11 22:25:51

Yes make an appointment to discuss properly with teacher - if she knows "he seems switched off" you should know what they're doing (if anything) to help switch him on so you can back them up at home too. If nothing being done then should be - hopefully discuss what.

Your friend is way out of order discussing school with you - anything she sees and hears should be treated as confidential. It is up to teacher to discuss this with you not her.

JoBettany Wed 05-Jan-11 08:48:31

I agree that it would be far more helpful for you to make a proper appointment ( not a rushed word) and sit down and share your concerns. Explain to her that you are keen to support your son's education and ask if there is anything you can be doing at home eg. finishing off and unfinished written tasks.

I totally agree with Mspotipine about your friend. She is in a position of trust and should not be sharing what she sees in the classroom with you.

babeinthewood Thu 06-Jan-11 03:15:11

I see your point about my friend, but she knows how worried I am, and she would NEVER tell me anything about another child, just mine smile

I spoke to his teacher today and asked if I could come in with DH to see his work to which she just smiled and nodded. She didnt offer an appointment or anything so DH and I will drop in on Friday when hes home anyway.

I mentioned a couple of my concerns to her and she said she thinks I push him to hard at home. She said this before so I dropped what little work we did at home, so its total tosh.

I then explained to her that he is learning alot, I just dont know how to get him to put it on paper, to which she responded 'well when you find out, let me know' thanks then!!

I then said I was concerned about him falling behind with handwriting, spelling and letter formation and she told me his spelling is excellent and his handwriting is beautiful!!! I really dont know where I am with her!!

I have rung the head and am expecting a call back from him tommorrow. I dont know if theres a problem or not now! confused

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