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7+ interview questions

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shiela43 Tue 28-Dec-10 20:52:30

Hello All,
My daughter has completed an assessment for a local private school. She has now been offered an interview. Would anyone have any ideas of what kind of questions are asked in a 7+ school interview.
Many thanks.

horsemadmom Wed 29-Dec-10 00:30:46

Just wondering which school. You might get some very specific help.

SofaQueen Wed 29-Dec-10 06:46:17

Questions are usually pretty gentle - they are just trying to get a sense of the child and not "trick them up"

DS1 was asked:

- read a passage
-comprehension questions on passage read-
-asked about what books he is reading, if he liked them and why
-what he likes to do in his free time, what his favourite activity is and why
-name a place he would like to visit and why
-what he wants to do when he is older

I think that questions depend on what kind of school it is. The school DS1 is applying to is a massively oversubscribed academic prep which is trying to weed out obviously tutored kids and find children with genuine interests and enthusiasm.

MrsGuyOfChristmasBorn Wed 29-Dec-10 07:43:48

Also, the people interviewing the children are very adept at just letting the conversation meander, with the answer to one question leading on to the next question. Also may be asked if they have any questions, or just see if the child does spontaneously grin ask a question. A pretty common one for prep schools and parents to prep their children to ask is 'why did you decide to become a teacher?' - a friend of mine who pre-interviews 11 yesr-olds for 13+ entry finds it hilarious he gets asked this virtually all the time - and the kids are never prepared for a follow up to it, when he says eg that he applied to be a train driver and was turned down etc. (Tho' he has not done 7+, so may be a different one they get aksed every day for thatgrin

shiela43 Wed 29-Dec-10 10:18:51

Thank you for responding - the school is massively oversubscribed academic prep - as the SofaQueen said. Anymore thoughts/help - most welcome.

slummymomma Wed 29-Dec-10 10:45:25

DS1 was asked to tell a joke. I think this is a fairly common one as others have reported the same.

I was slightly shocked that he was asked what his Mummy did. We'd be warned this could be a question and has it explained it to him (my job is a bit unusual). Apparently the standard answer is 'she drinks coffee'.

He was also asked what book he was reading at the moment.

DS1 enjoyed the interview as he thought the interviewer was an interesting man. But then he also enjoyed the exam and activity day!

horsemadmom Wed 29-Dec-10 13:10:30

Usually, the school gives some details about the interview? Have you spoken to any current parents? Your current head will also know a bit about the interview (but, for obvious reasons, can only tell you what will be fair for your DC to know).
My DS had a great interview at one school where he was asked to bring in something that he was proud of and discuss it. He brought in a photo of his 2 yr old sister with the doll cradle which he constructed from the instructions all on his own for her birthday. It made a very favourable impression!
My DD2 had an activity day to gage how well she worked with a group. She spent the whole time trying to get a recalcitrant member of her team to help with the activity as the other girl wanted to work on her own. They did not complete the project and DD ended up in tears when we collected her. DD got accepted. Recalcitrant girl did not.

Whatever else, make sure your DC can make eye contact and fidgeting is ok but not being able to keep their bottoms on the chair is not.

atah Wed 29-Dec-10 13:17:26

can you say which school it is?

my DS was asked to read then discuss the book.
Was asked about his hobbies.
was given a half finsihed puzzle to do with the interviewer while chatting about what he wants to do when he grows up.
Not sure if it was intended but this led to football teams and who would win the league he got in even though they support rival teams grin

BobAli1 Tue 21-Jan-14 13:07:23

Horsemadmom - hope you are well - any help for the nlcs activity day?

Thanks in advance!

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