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Is Santa real? 2 hrs to tell ds yes or no

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duvetdays Sat 25-Dec-10 04:20:56

Is anyone awake? Real dilemma as i don't want to lie to my ds and he is so excited about stocking. Coincidentally, he lost his first tooth yesterday and now has the tooth fairy delivering too. What should I say or do?

Goblinchild Sat 25-Dec-10 04:25:56

I've always done the answering a question with a question line, so not lying exactly.

duvetdays Sat 25-Dec-10 04:26:42

can you give me an example goblin?

Goblinchild Sat 25-Dec-10 04:32:34

Is Santa real?
A lot of people think so, why do you ask?
Watch the Norad tracker, do you think he's real?
If he's not, why do you think so many people say he is?
Do you want him to be real or not?

I'm a primary teacher, so over the years I've become very skilled at being evasive as children ask questions all the time, many don't believe in Santa and tell other children and then they come and ask the teacher.
If the teacher says Santa doesn't exist, they run the risk of being tarred and feathered by irate parents. So you become skilled at dissembling.

duvetdays Sat 25-Dec-10 04:37:52

Thanks for that Goblin. I think i'd be quite a good teacher then. Dissembling is my line. Have just found a thread going back to Oct with about 10 pages so will browse through that.

Not heard of the Norad tracker. Am i uneducated? also what's the going rate for teeth? I put in £1 already.

berryfreeze Sat 25-Dec-10 04:39:59

keep the magic alive smile..of course he is just because you have never seen him how do you know ....ok am little bit to full of bailys but it is xmas and when you have babes you see how wonderful everything

duvetdays Sat 25-Dec-10 04:45:52

The scales dropped from my sister's and my eyes when our father stumbled into the bedroom with the stockings, bashed his ankle against the radiator and muttered "Oh F***" quite loudly. Nothing's ever been quite the same since. wink

onceamai Sat 25-Dec-10 05:02:45

Of course he's real - I just saw his sleigh pass the kitchen windows - it was glittering and fantastic and the reindeer were swerving in a terrible hurry.

Back to bed for me for a few hours - my teenagers will have to woken - yours will be awake any minute!!

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