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ds was 'outstanding' in recep, 'capable' in Y1

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duvetdays Thu 23-Dec-10 22:46:36

We had shedloads of superlatives thrown at us about our ds and his progress last year in Reception. He's a really sweet little kid and very bright, but we were surprised (and delighted obviously) with the feedback. We've just had a report for this term in Y1 which is good overall but not really as brilliant as before. The whole tone of the report is like a level 2 Ofstead report, 'Good' rather than level 1, 'Outstanding'. Is this usual? Are we being unrealistic to have expected a repeat of his first year? He's still a really sweet little kid though!

castleonthehill Thu 23-Dec-10 23:12:58

All teachers write reports differently, and what they are looking at changes as your child gets older. In reception children are getting use to school and how it all works. In year one they are doing much more directed learning and less learning through play. This may account for the change.
It is also a bigger jump from reception to year 1 than from nursery to reception.

If you are worried go and talk to the teacher. Ask what he is doing at the moment. Has he settled in to the new class. And ask how you can support this at home.

LostArt Thu 23-Dec-10 23:24:10

I agree, it's probably more a reflection of the two teachers writing styles than your DS performance. Also, the expectations are greater in Y1 than in reception.

I wouldn't worry.

duvetdays Thu 23-Dec-10 23:35:48

castle - thanks for responding. I'm not really worried and yes he loves school and has settled in so it might be what you say which sounds as tho' you have experience. Just surprised really at the different things that are being said. If i talked to the teacher it might sound as though i was fishing for compliments perhaps as he's certainly doing very well according to her report and puts effort and enthusiasm into everything. He just doesn't seem to be the wunderkind of last year. Can you tell me if there is an art to report writing? It seems very 'dry' and doesn't give alot away at the same time as ticking all the boxes. Does this make sense?

duvetdays Thu 23-Dec-10 23:38:12

cross-posted with Lost. it wasn't just the reports but the face to face parent meetings. But yes, it does sound like they are diff personalities. Both excellent teachers from what i can see.

reallytired Thu 23-Dec-10 23:41:22

Children develop at different rates. A child who is outstanding in reception may well be caught up by other bright children later on.

Also the curriculum in year 1 is different. Maybe your child responded better to learning through play than formal learning.

Please don't worry too much. It maybe just different language.

PlonkerForLifeNotJustChristmas Thu 23-Dec-10 23:46:08

My dd2 left Reception having acheived all 8's and 9's on her report.

She was above average in all aspects of the curriculum (apparantly).

Throughout Y1, she performed averagely. Our school grade progress A (above ave) B (ave) and C (below ave) - her end of Y1 report read largely B's with a couple of A's.
We were a little disappointed, but figured she was happy and acheiving so it didn't matter.

The other very important factor, we felt, was that she didn't really have any connection with her Y1 teacher. She was perfectly nice but she didn't 'get' dd2. Again, no worries, there are always going to be parent/children combinations which don't work. Thats life.

Anyway, dd2 had a much better year in Y2 and comments were very much back to what they had been in Reception. She loved her teacher, and her teacher seemed to have a genuine fondness for her. She completed her SATs back in May (all 3's) and her end of term report read all A's.

I guess the point to my post is that there are a number of factors that affect your child's seeming progress, and that children's learning isn't steady, it peaks and dips.

I'm sure your ds will be fine ...and he sounds like a real sweetie smile

PlonkerForLifeNotJustChristmas Thu 23-Dec-10 23:48:18

"parent/children combinations which don't work" should read "teacher/children combinations", obviously blush

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