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Reception Key Words

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DefNotYummyMummy Sun 12-Dec-10 20:19:51

Which ones have you been given so far ?
Just curious.

My son has been given
and, the a Mum, Dad, I, to, dog, cat, went, play

I think we should have some more, but we were given the same ones again after 3 weeks - I am seeing them next week about that.

I have printed out the 45 key words off the internet and he does know a lot of them.

The school books are so boring and he knows them in a couple of reads.

I have been making up sentences for him to keep him interested. As long as they have the word 'smelly' and 'poo', he seems to partake !

He's only 4 and I know I should back off, but he's an august baby and had to have speech therapy and so I am worried he'll fall behind.

TheBolter Sun 12-Dec-10 20:25:08

Dd2 is on her fifth sheet of eight words, which she's pretty much learnt. So I guess she knows 40 now (she is five already though!).

Can you ask them to pull him up to the next book band? Dd2 is on red, which is quite a step up from pink. Perhaps your ds would be better off on the next band?

zapostrophe Sun 12-Dec-10 20:25:27

Message withdrawn

BarbarianMum Mon 13-Dec-10 06:36:51

I think its pretty common for children to 'know' books after a couple of reads, how does he do on the first read? If he knows most of the common words then, like ThBolter says, maybe ask to try the next band up - I asked a few weeks ago and it was a much better fit (his teacher read with him after I asked and agreed, its not like I got to decide).

Ds1's (5) new set of words include could, would, home, didn't and can't. Not sure they are 'official' though, they seems to go with the book band.

DefNotYummyMummy Mon 13-Dec-10 11:30:36

On a first read he's pretty good. Hardly needs any help, and on the words that he may initially find challenging (like 'said' because you can't say it phonetically), he picks up on the next time we read it.

Thanks for the input ! I feel I have something to talk about when I see his teacher tomorrow.

DefNotYummyMummy Mon 13-Dec-10 11:31:16

Forgot to the third time you read it, I'm sure he's memorised it anyway !

Littlefish Mon 13-Dec-10 13:24:43

Those 45 Reception words are now out of date.

Google Letters and sounds tricky words.

Other words are decodable once children have learnt the appropriate phonics.

In addition, some schools have words which are specific to ORT or other reading schemes.

englandsmistress Mon 13-Dec-10 13:29:13

Umm... none? is this standard? Fairly sure my DD doesnt have any.

Littlefish Mon 13-Dec-10 14:25:56

I'm a Reception teacher and so far, the children in my class have been given the first few tricky words (about 10 in total).

englandsmistress - as there are so few tricky words, it may be that they are being covered in class. We certainly look at them regularly, and simply send them home to let parents know what we are working on, rather than expecting them to work on them (if you see what I mean). (Of course, some parents do choose to practise them at home).

englandsmistress Mon 13-Dec-10 14:35:13

Ok, maybe schools just do things differently. I do things with her at home like using the phonics books etc but I thought if there were these 'key words' and I knew what they were, I could do the same with her at home as she's doing at school.

Littlefish Mon 13-Dec-10 15:59:05

I, go, the, no, be, to (I think that's the first set, but can't remember if there's another one!

ruddynorah Mon 13-Dec-10 16:22:28

We're on our 4th list of tricky words which includes her and be. We also have Flashcards which include couldn't and climbed. Then we have word walls that include book, come and sixth. Along with all this we have ort books where we're on a book per week, dull purple banded first sentence books.

mrz Mon 13-Dec-10 17:18:26

DefNotYummyMummy I'm afraid the 45 reception key words were scrapped in 2006

BlueberryPancake Mon 13-Dec-10 18:31:59


Honneybunny Mon 13-Dec-10 21:07:09

my ds's school still do them. ds2 (5 this week) last got a sheet with the days of the week, and seem to recall from ds1 that that's one of the last ones.

littleducks Mon 13-Dec-10 21:16:20

DDs reading record has the 100 most common words in the back instead of the 45 key words (though i think that it includes them)

DreamTeamGirl Mon 13-Dec-10 22:04:14

We didnt get the key words until after Christmas I dont think
We get 10 on a sheet called crayon words and then they learnt them and when they know them all they get the next
No rush honestly

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