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Christmas play (again)

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Jinx1906 Sun 12-Dec-10 16:51:51

Dd is in year 2. Last week there were two Christmas performances at her school. The parents of our class were invited to come and see the play last Tuesday. Unf. DD was not in school until Wednesday with a chest infection. There was however another christmas performance last Friday in which DD was given a speaking part. The school did however decide that because it was the turn of the other class to watch the play we could not see our DD perform despite the fact that she was ill for the performance earlier in the week. Yesterday, we learnt at a birthday party that other parents who's children were not at school on the Tuesday were allowed to come along to watch on the Friday. How can schools have a rule for some and another for other children?! I know it is only a Christmas play but I'm upset that we could not see our child perform whilst the rules were ''flexible'' for other parents.

DisparityCausesInstability Sun 12-Dec-10 17:04:17

Is it possible it was something as simple as they asked and you didn't?

Jinx1906 Sun 12-Dec-10 17:05:37

I asked both the school office and her teacher. Twice I was told that the firday session was for the other class only.

DisparityCausesInstability Sun 12-Dec-10 18:01:41

I wonder did the other parents ask someone else or like at our nativity - the more experienced parents know that although the allocate tickets for each night they don't check that you have one when you come in - so lots will attend twice without ever being given the right to do so.

Jinx1906 Sun 12-Dec-10 18:55:33

All I know is that one mum told the school that if she was not allowed to attend, she would not allow for her child to take part in the play. ( this mum told me during the weekend that she asked told the school on thu., i/e after we were told no. I know she was not the only one, there were other parents there who should not have gone to that performance. One of the reasons the school office gave me when I rang on wednesday morning is that numbers had to be restricted for health and safety as well as fire regulations. Perhaps I'm considered to be a fire hazard?

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