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Help advice needed please

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Madprest Sat 11-Dec-10 23:16:47

My daughter is in year 4 and I have concerns about her progress. I do feel she as a learning disability (gut feeling).
HT said at meeting that she is making good progress and there is no need for her to go on School Action+. She as been on SA since starting there.
Her levels are as follows:-
YR 2- Writing P8-1C
Reading P8-1B
Maths 1C-2C
YR 3- Writing 2B-2A
Reading 1B-2B
Maths 2B-2A
YR 4 (Assessment made before meeting with HT)
Writing 2B
Reading 2C
Maths 2A
I would appreciate any advice please. Previous IEP's have been repeated with same targets for the past 5. I am thinking of going to LEA for Stat Assess myself as school are not concerned about her slow progress.
Thanks all in advance for any advice.

IndigoBell Sun 12-Dec-10 00:22:33

Do you think she really is a level 2 in reading, writing and Maths?

If so she is 'only' a year behind. And there is no way you would get a statement. (Although applying for a staturoy assesment might force the EP to assess her? I'm not sure)

But - are her levels accurate?

A level 2c in reading means she should be able to read very easy chapter books. If your school does coloured book bands she should be able to read purple banded books fluently.

Her writing should also be able to be understood by you. It should use some capital letters and full stops.

A 2A in maths is not really behind at all.

Do you think those levels are really where your DD is at?

A level 2 means able to work independently.

If so that's very good news - and not nearly as bad as your previous posts when you thought she was still a level 1.

Jinx1906 Mon 13-Dec-10 19:19:39

Have you tried to find a centre in your area where you can have an assessment done. It may be a good idea to have something to back these levels up. Sometimes teachers will mark a child in line with what he/she is doing in class rather than what he/she can really achieve. Also, the sooner you know what the problems are the sooner you may be able to provide extra support. It could well be that perhaps all she needs is confidence. It also helps to be armed with additional info when meeting with the school.

Good luck.

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