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DS upset by other childs behaviour - did I handle this right ?

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herbgarden Fri 10-Dec-10 12:37:33

DS was really upset the other week - we didn't know why - then it all came out the other weekend that a little boy in his class was "annoying" him. I didn't read too much into it - I know the little boy and he can be a bit irritating and my DS is fairly easily irritated so I just told him to ignore him. Once DS had told us his mood was much better.

DH took him to school the other day and mentioned that this little boy was not being very nice to DS (being physical) and said he was slightly more concerned about it. On a separate occasion someone who looks after my DS a day a week was there in the playground when the little boy came over and for no reason hit my DS so she "had words".

Today - whilst I'm standing right next to DS he comes over and whacks him with his bag. I raised my voice and told him to leave DS alone - his parent came over and apologised. DS visibly retreats and clings to me when he sees this boy coming near and wont' stand near him in the playground when we're waiting to go into school.

I'm getting a bit fed up with it - I appreciate that kids of that age (he's reception) are a bit silly at times but this child seems to seek DS to do something to him.

I nabbed the teacher and had a quiet word (I also understand that a couple of other kids have mentioned his behaviour) and asked if she could just keep an eye out to assess whether this goes on inside the school too (My DS could of course be exaggerating) . I really don't want DS being put off school at such a young age. This boys parents are really nice and I know (and like) the mum.

Does that sound like the right thing to do ?

sarahfreck Fri 10-Dec-10 16:45:43

Sounds excellent! Keep an eye on your DS's mood. It seems as if he is genuinely scared of this child. If there are no further incidents till the end of term, I'd probably wait until a couple of weeks into next term and then have another quiet word with teacher and ask if she has noticed anything. The holiday is a natural break and it is possible that things will naturally change for the better. I would follow it up again with the teacher rather than leaving it totally though. Of course if there are any other incidents before then take it up with teacher/parent as appropriate!

overmydeadbody Fri 10-Dec-10 16:53:07

Sounds absolutely the right thing to do.

Acanthus Fri 10-Dec-10 16:54:34


MrsDanverclone Fri 10-Dec-10 16:55:49

Bringing it to the class teacher's attention was the right thing to do, just so she can keep an eye on the situation. Hopefully she will also mention it to the lunch time supervision staff, as being in the play ground is the ideal time for this other child to bother your child!
If your child is quite a timid child, you need to encourage him to speak up for himself while at school, telling him if another child is hitting him etc he needs to tell the teacher/ dinner nanny, so they can deal with the situation, as if he doesn't tell them, they won't know and then can't sorted it out for him.
You mention that your DS is easily irritated, so perhaps the other boy is enjoying his response when he annoys him, so advising him to ignore him was good advise, as if the other child doesn't get the response he wants he'll eventually get bored.
But do keep an eye on the situation, as school should be fun and not a place to dread, when you are in Reception class.

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