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School is open but too dangerous to take him in!

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aideesmum Mon 06-Dec-10 13:38:33


School is open today after being closed for 3 days last week because of the snow. The roads around the school are trecherous (3 inch of ice on roads and pavements). It is 2 villages away and we tried to get in today but turned around after sliding several times!
I'm sure some people would have got in but being 5 months pregnant I decided not to risk getting my DS there for both our safety (and the baby).
My question is if I keep him off until the thaw starts (looking like Friday) can I get prosecuted? Anyone knows about this? Thanks

BarbaraWindsor Mon 06-Dec-10 13:41:56

I think you should ring the school and have a chat.

Ours tends not to close but sends out an email saying it's up to the parents to decide on safety, so you know you won't be in trouble if you consider it too risky.

I would have thought yours would have a similar thing at the moment.

Ring them and honest, say your car was sliding around, you will try again until you can actually make it in.

See what they say.

JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo Mon 06-Dec-10 13:43:13

That sounds like a reasonable excuse to me. Perfectly justifiable.

harvalp Mon 06-Dec-10 13:45:15

The Government and Local Authorities work for you, you don't work for them. Do what you think is most sensible for your family.

aideesmum Mon 06-Dec-10 13:45:46

Thanks for your replies. I will speak to them again tomorrow.
They did seem happy with what I told them this morning about trying and deciding it was too risky for us. Am just worried as it doesn't look like thawing at all until at least Friday and I really don't want to risk it.
It was -10 this morning and hasn't got above -5 all day!

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