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Detailed question for Moondog (or others in the know) re Headsprout

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figcake Fri 03-Dec-10 21:56:37

Following your recommendations, my DS has been using Headsprout for a couple of months now and has really enjoyed using it. He is currently at chapter 62 so I am aware that he will probably get to the end by Christmas.

HOWEVER, I have to confess that I did probably more than the recommended amount of hand-holding in order to get him through it in the early days blush. I need to emphasize that he DID complete the exercises 'himself' - however, he does have issues with staying focussed so I moved things along by for instance, reading out the all the words during the 'click on the arrow exercises' as he would have spent ages trying to work them out otherwise and those mountains would never have been climbed or seas been crossed by the various characters (sounds weird, I know, but I trust you know what I am on about). I also helped him to sound out some of the words prior to the part where you are asked to identify which of three characters said the word. I do feel that he may have given up at these stages.

Even though he is currently managing to read the 2-page stories with very little prompting indeed (as well as managing large chunks of story books) , I can't help but think that he would benefit from a re-running of the program. I read in the FAQ section that this is possible and occasionally requested. Do you think this would be useful or counter-productive? I have also realized that there were additional stories to be printed out directly off the website for further practice which I had not been doing though would pay more attention to the second time round.

On whole it has been brilliant and he has loved the routine - it is possible that I am afraid that he would take badly to no longer having Headsprout time so I am trying to prolong what was a very positive experience. There does not seem to be a follow-on product as such (hoping you would be able to say 'well, actually....). I know they have a product relating to reading comprehension for older children though I am guessing that this would not be particularly suitable or relevant for a 5 yr old?

Some pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Malaleuca Fri 03-Dec-10 22:28:22

Write to the HS people and ask to be rewound, explaining you reasons. They have always been vey accommodating when I have wanted children to run through sections again, eg if they have been away for a while, or have got lowish scores. And I would absolutely recommend printing off all the material for reading.

The other HS product, (Comprehension) I'm not sure I would necessarily 'follow on' immediately.

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