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Reading again, does this matter?

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NorhamGardens Tue 30-Nov-10 11:10:23

My Y2 comfortably reads chapter books at home, usually in about an hour, with very strong understanding.

At school they probably read about 3/4 book bands below where they 'should' be I think. Haven't said anything as up until now I've thought they get the stretch they need at home and it really isn't a problem.

With end of KS1 coming up next year I am now wondering if I should have flagged it with the teacher? I do trust the teacher and think if my DC has been assessed at this level there must be a reason for it?

I have noticed that other children who started ahead continue to stay ahead in terms of book bands etc. I go in and help and if I am honest I think my DC reads better and has better understanding then many I hear that are much higher up in terms of the reading system. But then again, I know my DC well and I don't know the children I hear . Does it matter anyway?

DC when asked questions by the teacher, when heard read, goes to pieces a bit and frequently does not show what they can understand etc. My judgement has always been in time they will show what they can do etc. When we had parents evening the teacher was quick to tell me that DC couldn't understand something small in a recent book, I got the feeling they wanted to keep DC where they were. As I say I do trust them but was a bit puzzled by this. I got the feeling they thought I might challenge the book band/reading level so had a counter argument pre-prepared. As it was I never asked.

So, upshot is this. My DC reads very simple stuff at school, very basic text and at home can read Swallows and Amazons & 'get' it, well not quite but it's increasingly close . So far I've said and done nothing. If it isn't going to have any impact in terms of schools view and development going forward then happy to still say and do nothing for now . WWYD?

muddleduck Tue 30-Nov-10 11:18:18

Have you recently kidnapped my DS1?

We have the same situation. No idea whether to do anything. Am sitting on my hands for now as the other homework he is being sent home with is at the right level so I'm assuming they have some reason for keeping him on the book band that he is.

neverknowinglyunderdressed Tue 30-Nov-10 11:29:12

I also have the same issue with DTS. DH thinks i should go up to the school and complain, and have him moved up a group. I havent yet. I'm wondering if its fine to stay in that group, being the best reader in the group, 'knowing it all' if you like, is a great confidence boost (?) and just carry on with doing more challenging books at home. I think Im worried about being seen as a pushy parent. confused

NorhamGardens Tue 30-Nov-10 11:31:43

Be interested to see replies. I am confident that DC is at the correct point with challenge for maths/other areas etc too.

My DC is showing flair for writing too I think. They've surprised me recently, but then again the good reader is the good writer as they say.

If I am honest I think they might have been overlooked & underestimated when it comes to reading ability. It's a bit disheartening doing the school reading when the books assume the reader is around 4/5 years old it seems too! Written from the smaller sibling perspective etc. DC rolls eyes etc.

DC is still only 6 if that makes any difference. They are also very quiet, the sort of child you could overlook very easily. The content seems to be there but not the delivery if that makes sense.

Does a score at KS1 that might not reflect their capability have any potential negative effects going forward? If not then I am sure they will show what they can do in time .

MrsDaffodill Tue 30-Nov-10 12:54:35

I had this issue with my son. I got him to write book sumarries for everything he read in his reading diary, which he quite enjoyed, and he was soon shifted up.

Elibean Tue 30-Nov-10 14:55:17

<irrelevent post warning>

NorhamGardens, did you read the book or live there?

I grew up in N Oxford smile

Lizcat Tue 30-Nov-10 16:36:55

I have had a very interesting conversation with DD's teacher about this. It appears DD is very skilled skim reader quickly skimming and get gist of story - great from comprehension one of top in class. Terrible for reading out loud skills for future life such as presentations we now have to encourage her in accuracy and expression.
I think she is around ORT 7 at school and reads Enid blyton and rohl dahl at home.
Since we had this conversation we are all really encouraging accuracy and I feel a move of book bands is probably on the cards.

NorhamGardens Wed 01-Dec-10 10:20:06

Elibean, I do live nearby

Elibean Wed 01-Dec-10 13:06:41

Aahhhh...nostalgia...I went to primary school down the road from you, then. And used to walk back home down Dragon Lane every day.

About a zillion years ago blush

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