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Transport for schools in fleet. Please help.........

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sl003 Mon 29-Nov-10 12:39:42

Dear all,

We recently moved to the fleet area and my five year old dd has been offered the tavistock infant school. We moved to the Elvetham heath area and its far for the tavistock school.Also i have a problem with my leg and currently taking medicine. I cant walk even for ten minutes. public transport for that school also not available and i am not driving. Also I have another 1year old baby. Does anyone had the transport allowance or facilities from the council ?????????

mylifewithstrangers Mon 29-Nov-10 12:49:31

Tavistock is a good school, so that is something positive at least! Are you on the waiting list for EH school?

Don't know if the coucil have any facilities for transport allowance, but you should be able to phone them and find out quickly. Alternatively lots of kids from EH go to Tavistock, so maybe you could find another family who walk it who might be willing to supervise your daughter?

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