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reviews of reading levels KS1

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nothappyharry Sun 28-Nov-10 21:45:00

DD entered year 1 on red level. She had her reading level assessed 3 times in year 1 and each time moved up a band. Since staring year 2 she has had her reading assessed once and is now on orange.

Know I probably shouldn't worry but I have noticed that other children who started on red are now at higher level. Should I have been pushier and asked for further assesments or is this normal progress?

Thank you

camicaze Sun 28-Nov-10 22:09:45

Its within normal. The key question is how easy does she find the books? If she can read the book without many mistakes she probably could do with a higher level - from my experience.

Goblinchild Sun 28-Nov-10 22:12:28

Instead of asking for further assessments, and if you are reading with her for 15 minutes or so every day, why not go and have a talk with her class teacher and find out what are DD's areas for development; comprehension, sight vocabulary, ability to predict and theorise...
could be one of a dozen things.

nothappyharry Sun 28-Nov-10 22:34:12

Camicaze she is reading them almost word perfect. She may get the odd word wrong but thats it.
I can't help thinking that part of the problem is that last year she was in a year1/2 class and the teacher admitted that they listened to the children who were struggling but not those doing ok.
Goblin though you may be right about other areas. At last assessment teacher made comment about changing tone etc.
But, is it really acceptable for a child to have their reading assessed/ read for teacher once a term. Should it not be more frequent than that?

Goblinchild Sun 28-Nov-10 22:37:33

Most schools use continuous, formative assessment, then use that to create a grade for the end of term.
You will only discover what your school does if you go and ask them.

chivers1977 Mon 29-Nov-10 07:29:57

My son is Y1 and has guided reading each week but the first 1:1 this year was last week when he was moved up. This was 26 books!! My mum was a primary teacher and said that she assessed after 10 books. Not sure what is correct!!

camicaze Mon 29-Nov-10 22:14:31

My dd is clearly reading well above the level she is on in yr1. The teacher does move her up quite frequently but by one 'box' within a level when she needs to move up two levels. I've tried telling the teacher how much more advanced the books are that dd reads at home. I recently started giving her the school reading book to read to herself at bedtime and get her to read other stuff to me that is more appropriate. I've found in the end it takes the stress out of it if I just do my own thing.

nothappyharry Tue 30-Nov-10 14:11:12

Maybe I just shouldn't stress it but dd2 is on reception and is picking up her key words much quicker than dd1. Yet it would appear she must go through every book on red 1 before she progresses. We now read older dd's book together and dd2 can probably read half of it.

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