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Primary and pre schools in/around Harrogate

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bethan37 Thu 25-Nov-10 19:46:30

Hi, we are thinking of moving to this area in the hope that is is a nicer area than where we currently live. What are the schools/areas like? Can anyone advise, thanks!

RoadArt Thu 25-Nov-10 21:37:45

Most of the schools are fantastic but its definitely worth looking around. They do feed into the different high schools so it might be worth considering this as well.

They all have different strengths and teaching styles, some are strong on learning through play, others are really focussed on getting the kids geared up to be get good SATS results and do a lot more sitting and working through workbooks.

Look around them, consider how much room is in the classroom, how much space there is outside, are the children happy, whats on the walls. What they offer outside school hours. Results are important as well but look at the methods they use in their teaching. How do they deal with the different needs of all the children.

It has to be your own gut feel as to what is right for your child.

bethan37 Fri 26-Nov-10 09:34:57

Thanks, i want my daughter to do well but also dont want her to have too much pressure. Our local schools have dropped sats and at primary level i dont really agree with too many exams.

I have no idea what high schools are good either. Do you live in Harrogate then? Its very daunting for us as we dont live in Yorkshire so we are taking a gamble

harragirl Fri 26-Nov-10 13:10:09

Hi, I'm in Harrogate. Excellent Church schools and 'normal' state schools too. Are you looking for Church or non-Church? We looked round half a dozen primaries before settling on one - need to pick the right one for your child - we wanted lots of open space for our little boy and that's what we went for - also the children were really approachable when we looked round, were very proud of the school and eager to talk/share with us. Our school did SATS last year, but quite a few didn't - there wasn't a big fuss made at ours though and my son loves it (now Yr 2). Fabulous place to live (and I'm not biased at all!)

wotnochocs Fri 26-Nov-10 15:57:40

'They do feed into the different high schools so it might be worth considering this as well.'

No that's not true.Places are allocated on where you live for the 3 community schools and it doesn't make any difference for St Aidans either

Harrogate Grammmar (a comp) is thought to be the best of teh non-churchy schools but be warned the catchment area is VERY small.

Are you definitely going to be living in Harrogate town? If you moved 6 or 7 miles further North you would be in the catchment both for the selective Ripon Grammar and within the diocese for St Aidans too.

RoadArt Sun 28-Nov-10 05:10:09

whotcochocs - they did when I lived in Harrogate. Whilst you had choice, the primarys did focus on connections with the high schools - still worth asking!

bethan37 Sun 28-Nov-10 12:32:02

We might just locate for a primary school and then move onto a different house for secondary as I would think after quite a few years in the one house we would be ready to move, although i understand the whole going to school with friends issue. But am keen on a grammer school and i expect not as many from her primary school would go to a grammer school anyway (if of course she could get in too)

I am not sure about Ripon as have heard mixed things about the place - not the school.

Regards to church, it would be church of england..

Thanks again

chickbean Sat 04-Dec-10 22:48:49

Harrogate Grammar isn't a grammar school, it's a comprehensive. Leeds Grammar is, but you have to pay unless you get a scholarship. I think most of the Harrogate secondary schools are good compared to lots of places. At the moment St. Aidans seem to be in the ascendancy, traditionally it was Harrogate Grammar, but I have also heard great things about Rossett, and the High School has an excellent new head (St. John Fisher is the Catholic school - I think it's good, just don't know as much about it).

For primary schools, some places in Harrogate have the option of a town school or a nearby village school. Most people I know are happy with the school that their children go to.

effymeffy Sun 05-Dec-10 17:38:48

I went to Richard Taylor CE primary and loved it! Such a happy school.

Xenia Sun 05-Dec-10 20:02:12

Worth commuting in to Leeds Grammar even at primary level.

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