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Holbeach Primary School in Catford

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Cruvvas Wed 24-Nov-10 12:03:14

Hi there,

We're thinking of moving to the area and would be in the middle of Holbeach and Gordonbrock Schools - Holbeach has an outstanding ofsted report but seems to score quite badly on exam results. Does anyone know holbeach school? As it's about starting primary school i'm more concerned about my daughter being happy in a nice atmosphere and having some creativity.

Any comments on these two schools would be greatly appreciated as we have to decide whether to try to buy a particular house today!

Jeckle Thu 25-Aug-11 07:30:46

Hi, I've had 2 children who have left and 2 still at Holbeach.
It is a lovely school with fantastic teachers who all genuinely care about the children and encourage them to do their best.
However you will never receive homework.
If I hadn't given it to my sons aged 14 and 12 they wouldn't have known what it was untill arriving at secondary school.
Never expected masses, it is only primary school, A letter sheet for youngers, A bit of maths or such for the older ones, Even a letter at the end of the week to keep parents informed of what the children have been learning through the week enabling us to set our own tasks and talk to them about what they are learning(as Head doesn't agree with Homework) would have been a great help.
No, the only thing consistent is books for reading.

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