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Moving to prep school at Yr 4

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MommyG Mon 22-Nov-10 16:08:42

I want DS to attempt 11+ exams and aim for Grammar schools - wont be disheartened if he doesnt make it. In that case, I would try in a good private secondary. After talking to a lot of parents, this is what I have (finally) decided.

Keeping that in mind, do you think moving DS to a prep school would be effective. He is in Yr4 - I had applied to a few prep schools in the beginning of the year and was on their waitlists. But just got a call that there was a space available. This has got me confused. Am too scared to say no to them, and let them go but at the same time the high fees should also be worthwhile. DS is an average boy - he's good at Math, but literacy is not his friend. So am quite worried and want to make a correct decision.

This is all I can think about the last few months.. and have still not decided.. too confused. But I have to give a reply by tomorrow.

Hullygully Mon 22-Nov-10 16:11:48

If he is happy where he is and it is a good school, I would leave him there but pay for private tuition for the gs. It will be an awful lot cheaper!

ShanahansRevenge Mon 22-Nov-10 18:32:51

Agree with he happy at his current school? Tutors are very effective and cheaper too!

Ladymuck Tue 23-Nov-10 11:42:09

Have you checked that the prep schools that you are looking at truly prepare for the senior schools that you are looking at? Often a true prep school wants to keep boys until 13. The prep that my ds1 is at wants boys to stay until common entrance, will prepare for junior entrance (in Jan of Year 6), but doesn't prepare at all for the grammar schools (exams in Sept of Year 6).

Do your local private schools take a reasonable intake from state schools, or do they mainly take from certain preps? If the former, and you are otherwise happy with your son's current school, then arrange some tutoring from Year 5. Have a look at a few tutors, and find one that your son clicks with and preferably enjoys.

MommyG Tue 23-Nov-10 12:57:20

DS is defn happy with his current school - he is happy anywhere really, adjusts easily.
Which is why I wanted to know if it is worthwhile moving him to a prep.

Ladymuck, thanks for this. Will check with the school. I dont think they prepare for any entrance at 11+. But I would have thought the tutoring they give would itself take care of that. If he doesnt make it at 11+, he too would be aiming for the common entrance.

Ladymuck Tue 23-Nov-10 13:30:16

Definitely don't assume that the school's own tuition will take care of 11+!

For one thing the format of the exam is fairly important. Is it verbal and non-verbal reasoning? Which is not covered in common entrance. If there are essay questions then how much practise will your son get at writing timed essays?

Usually timing is critical in 11+ exams. Many children are able to answer the questions. But whether they can answer the questions quickly enough is often the key skill, and one that needs some practice.

Not sure which schools you're thinking of for common entrance, but again be aware that many of them have some sort of pretest in Year 6.

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