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Patchworker books - what are they?

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thebelletolls Sat 20-Nov-10 05:55:19

My nephew (7 yrs) told my ds aged 5 that he was beyond the Stages (of ORT). He was reading something called Patchworker? Hadn't heard of this and wondered if someone could fill me in. Was surprised at what my nephew said because he struggles with reading and tbh my ds reads much better despite the age difference.

Goblinchild Sat 20-Nov-10 06:51:34

[ ic-story/dp/0192724347]
These perhaps?

If your nephew struggles with reading, the school may be trying to boost his self-confidence and enthusiasm. Unfavourable comparisons with your much younger son won't help him, so how good an auntie are you?

Goblinchild Sat 20-Nov-10 06:52:14

Forgot to double bracket. /dp/0192724347

thebelletolls Sat 20-Nov-10 07:06:12

thanks for the link. obviously wouldn't do anything so unkind but have quietly listened to and hopefully encouraged my nephew over the years and want to find out how to best help as i spend alot of time with him. My ds can also get quite demoralised by his comments so we have to gently support them both. They are great friends too. A juggling act.

Goblinchild Sat 20-Nov-10 07:15:48

If there's a two year age gap, your son shouldn't be demoralised by his older cousin being on a different level of reading book. Unless your nephew is making unkind comments to him to boost his own self-esteem.

thebelletolls Sat 20-Nov-10 08:21:15

Yes Goblin. Sometimes not always. Is this normal for a sibling-like relationship?

Goblinchild Sat 20-Nov-10 09:11:18

It's normal in children's relationships, and then for the adults involved to help them work out ground rules and areas they can cooperate on, building positive interactions.
Not to post to find out if the older child is telling the truth about being on harder books than the 5 year old.

Lydwatt Sat 20-Nov-10 09:54:22

unclear on your meaning of your last sentence goblinchild.

Post seems to me to be a reasonable curiosity question? More information can help an adult deal with a situation sensitively, as I am sure it will here.

Goblinchild Sat 20-Nov-10 10:05:09

Well, I hope that my impression of the OP is incorrect, and she's not just concerned that her son is no longer a much better reader than his older cousin.

Lydwatt Sat 20-Nov-10 10:09:14

I would be shocked if that was the case!

thebelletolls Sun 21-Nov-10 20:46:11

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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