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Prep Schools in Eastbourne

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Aliway Tue 16-Nov-10 20:05:39

We have been looking at schools in Eastbourne and I was wondering about experiences of both St Andrews and St Bedes prep schools. We have 1 ds due to start next year.

CowsGoWhizzBang Tue 16-Nov-10 20:41:32

Hello, neither of my children attend either as we live in Bexhill, but my friends have children at both these preps. St. Bedes have been fantastic for my friends son who is quite severely dyslexic, and also is dyspraxic and has dyscalcula (sorry not good on the spellings) he has been there a year now and the difference in him and his grades is astounding.

My other friend has 2 daughters at St. Andrews. They have been pleased with their education there but not overly so, and they are moving both girls out at the end of the this term. I dont know the specifics of why though. (their uniform is horrific though!)

If I was looking for a prep in Eastbourne I would certainly look at St.Bedes.

sorry I cant be more help

Aliway Tue 16-Nov-10 20:48:19

That is interesting and helpful, we went to an open day at St Andrews and were not sure. I am going to ask about visiting the department when classes are in session to get a better feel for the place. Interesting that your friend is moving her girls...
Very interesting to hear about St Bedes; apparently there is a new headmaster that has brought a number of positive changes to the place.

Mutteroo Wed 17-Nov-10 04:15:52

My ds is at St Bede's Senior school. He did not attend the prep school, (we live too far away), however many of his year group did and speak highly of their prep days. Both senior and prep share the same ethos and I have nothing but praise for the trust. Learning support is outstanding, so is support for gifted and talented. Big push on middle achievers at present.

My son is very bright, dyslexic, sporty and creative who preferred St Bede's because it's quirky, friendly, offers more activities than other schools and suits just about any individual; (as long as they like sport). My ds moved from a small prep without any issues and I'd highly recommend a visit. Good luck with your search.

Aliway Wed 17-Nov-10 16:26:16

Thank you very much for thwe info am looking forward to visiting St Bedes.

CowsGoWhizzBang Wed 17-Nov-10 19:52:14

Hi mutteroo,

interesting to read your post on your ds at the senior school. My ds is in year 7 at his prep in Hastings and we are looking at senior schools at the moment. Would you be able to give me any info on how they support them moving from small prep to what is quite a big senior school on a large campus. I'm worried that he will be a tiny fish in a big pond and will get overlooked there. We've been recommended to look at only 3 senior schools for him with St Bedes being the largest and this is a big concern for me. Thanks for any info and sorry for hijack of your thread Aliway

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