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Please help-child refuses to go to school.

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Cellosong Sat 13-Nov-10 13:05:58

My sister who is seven and in year 3,currently goes to a small private school,which our other sister also attends.

She has been there for more than a year now, but for the last 3 weeks she has started crying each Monday morning, that she doesn't want to go and that she promises she will study at home.Leaving her home alone isn't really an option and she can't just be pulled out of the school.

Just managing to get her dressed and out of the house has become a nightmare.I know that she is not being bullied by the other kids and she does have friends.It's not about just hating Monday mornings. She is doing well academically,received a glowing report in year 2,and is in the top groups and all that.She isn't in a pressurised environment. So I'm not sure where this is coming from.There aren't problems at home either.

I thought her tutors should know about this problem and they might be able to help somehow.I did speak to her english tutor in the morning, after she came into class with apparent tears down her face.He just said there wasn't much he could do.I understand that but I suggested perhaps being more encouraging and giving out stickers and certificates would help but he said that she was "a shy member of the class and sort of unresponsive to him and that he didn't give out stickers.

I have booked an appointment to see her head of year but I just get the feeling that they don't really seem to want to help.Am I wrong in thinking that they should be aware there is a problem? It is upsetting seeing her cry all the time but there doesn't seem to be a clear reason for her current behaviour.

I'm not really sure of the questions, that I am supposed to ask her head other than ask if she could be encouraged more.

What more could we do at home and how would you handle this?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

lollipopshoes Sat 13-Nov-10 13:12:40

well, something's certainly wrong!

the school should deffo be concerned about her being upset about going to school, especially as up to now she's been okay. Has anything changed at school? perhaps they're doing a different topic that she doesn't like or there is a new child sitting next to her...

Sorry, don't have any idea of what to ask the head but this deffo needs sorting out and they need to be on board with this - they don't seem super helpful so far hmm

Lydwatt Sat 13-Nov-10 18:31:56

What does your sister say the problem is?

Littlefish Sat 13-Nov-10 20:57:40

Does your sister live with you? Do you all still live with your mum?

I'm a bit confused as to why you are making the appointments and talking to the school.

Her teacher definitely needs to be working with you on this, but you also need to talk some more with your sister to find out why she doesn't want to go to school.

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