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not sure what to do if anything

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mollie1968 Wed 10-Nov-10 21:39:31

Would really like thoughts on this. In year 3 DD was way above average in most subjects. Yr 4 new teacher and to be fair parents eve was only 6 weeks in to the term advised she was where he expeected her to be. I am not too bothered by this although struggle with the skills groups, she is 1 of 4 on table 2 need extra help, and the other is the pair to dd.DD seems to help the other child alot to the point of dd having completed 13 questions in maths to other childs 3 and lots of dd assistance.How do I know that dd is being stretched and who is she learning from on the table? any teachers out there?

IndigoBell Wed 10-Nov-10 21:51:09

If she's doing 13 questions while the other child is doign 3 it certainly sounds like she's being stretched.

SkyBluePearl Wed 10-Nov-10 23:13:55

Teacher may have put the children in mixed ability groups before officially setting them later in the year?

They also expect the more able ones to support the less able ones at times.

Is it worth talking to the teacher again?

mollie1968 Thu 11-Nov-10 18:21:16

thank you DD seems happy and I guess I will leave until after xmas and see what happens.

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