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Individual photographs - is it normal for schools not to do these?

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ceebeegeebies Wed 10-Nov-10 20:26:27

I always assumed that when the photographer came to schools, they took individual photographs of each child so they can flog them at extortionate prices for the parents - however, DS1 (who is in Reception) had his 'photograph' day before half-term and I asked a TA today when we would get the photographs. It turns out they only had a class one done and not individual ones.

I feel quite sad about this as he has had photographs done for the last 3 years at nursery so I wanted to continue this and have photographs of him (and subsequently DS2) through the years iyswim.

Do other schools not do individual photos? I don't really want one with 40+ other children on it grin

spanieleyes Wed 10-Nov-10 20:51:28

We do both! We have individual ones this term, just had them! and class ones in the Summer Term. You might find your school does this but the other way round!

samcrow Wed 10-Nov-10 21:02:07

Same as spanieleyes at my DCs school - individual in Autumn term and whole school in Summer term. Have you checked with the school office or teacher, I bet they will do individual ones as well

emptyshell Wed 10-Nov-10 22:02:06

We've always done class ones at a different time of the year to the individual ones whenever I've worked in schools.

DreamTeamGirl Wed 10-Nov-10 23:02:42

We have both too, individual shots around now and class photos at Easter

ElbowFan Thu 11-Nov-10 11:23:42

Maybe the Head at your school has got so fed up with the packs of individual photos going home with neither photos nor money ever being seen again that the decision was taken to only do photos by orders.Class photos don't need to go home for 'approval', you just order if you want one.

ceebeegeebies Thu 11-Nov-10 13:32:27

ELbow that would be fine if I had been asked if I wanted individual photos of DS1 being done - I wasn't!

emptyshell Thu 11-Nov-10 14:56:44

There isn't usually time in a photographer trip to do the class photos and individual ones as well - class ones take a fair while to organize (and hours to get them in line tallest to smallest), individual ones go through on a production line faster but it still takes a while to get the entire school through.

We did them the other way around though so we could get the individual ones out in time for Christmas presents for grandparents etc.

Takver Thu 11-Nov-10 17:44:58

At dd's school they do whole class photos one year, individual photos the next.

Since each class covers two years, it means you can have a photo of each class they are in, IYSWIM.

I'm glad they don't do individual ones every year as they always seem to be rubbish, and I would much rather get a good pic of dd printed up nicely, so I am always mean Mum saying no to buying them at the inflated prices.

I do like the group ones, though, I think its a nice keepsake for when they are older.

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