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YR Reading Books..... What should I do?

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sereka Tue 09-Nov-10 21:25:45

My DD is in reception at the moment. she has started to take home wordless reading books.

she enjoys looking at them and its fun hearing her retell the story. The trouble is the reading books are not changed often enough. she has this book now since before the half term and its still in her bag.

Do you think i should ask the teacher to change it now or should i just leave it as we do share books at home and she is even trying to sound out some words. dont want to seem too pushy. i know her teacher as been sick for a few days but they did have a supply teacher.

Should i say something tomorrow or not?

LeninGrad Tue 09-Nov-10 21:31:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

redskyatnight Tue 09-Nov-10 21:33:23

I think I'd maybe ask her teacher when/how frequently you should expect reading books home. It may be that if she's had a few of the wordless ones, the teacher is now working on some phonics prior to staring on the simpler books with words.

Also, pardon me if stupid question, but is there any chance that you/your DD should be changing the book yourself? That is the case at my DC's school and I know there were a few parents that didn't realise this as it hadn't been made particularly clear.

Sops Tue 09-Nov-10 21:44:18

In our school they change reception children's books once a week but this is not often enough for my ds- he is reluctant to look at a book that he's seen even once already. I'd ask the teacher if I were you as long as you do it diplomatically I'm sure it'll be fine. Just say that she's asking for something else to look at.
If you don't want to ask or if you'd like to supplement her reading a bit more anyway you could try it's a rental library for reading scheme books. You pay a subscription and then can borrow books from the appropriate reading level for your child, you post them back when they've read them and they'll send you new ones.

canttakeitanymore Wed 10-Nov-10 10:38:51

At DS'S school we have to change the books ourselfs as often as needed

fruitful Wed 10-Nov-10 10:48:23

Ours get changed once a week. He is in Yr1 now, and we could do with about 2.5 books a week. I have given up on asking for more frequent books from school.

I bought a set from bookpeople which we are working through. We use too (free online reading, he likes that). We also do "shared reading" of his storybooks - I read the words that he can't do yet, he does all the 3-letter words that read the way they are spelt! We also get books from the library.

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