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reception report - how to interpret it??

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sallycinamon Mon 08-Nov-10 08:56:41

Hi all
My dd got a score of 97 on her end of year report for reception - she gots 7s and 8s and one 6. Is that average or above average? she wasn't 5 until the summer hols so we thought it was quite good.

We are a little concerned about her progress this year so thought I would do a bit of research before we meet her teacher.


PixieOnaLeaf Mon 08-Nov-10 09:06:28

Message withdrawn

caffeinated Mon 08-Nov-10 09:08:19

When I looked into this I found 6 is the average score. So she seems to be doing generally well particularly for a summer born.

sallycinamon Mon 08-Nov-10 12:13:03

Thanks you two!

That is quite reassuring and I suspected it might be the case.

Last year she was grouped with the brighter ones alot of the time. This year, however, she isn't in that group and I am concerned she has been put in the third or fourth one which just doesn't seem in keeping with her performance last year.

Dh says I am making a huge assumption that they have been put into ability groups at all but I am pretty certain that there is a 'top' group, possibly the other 3 groups are the rest of the class mixed up or ranked ability groups, I just don't know.

Dd seems aware she isn't in the 'best' group and told me that they all have lots more work in their books. She also says that the children she sits with 'can't write very well'. She can - this is probably her strongest point. She loves writing.

Anyway, I'm just worrying about this. As dh keeps saying she is only 5 but I can't help it!

caffeinated Mon 08-Nov-10 12:28:38

My dc is in a 3 form year and last year was in the top group and when they reshuffled classes he was put in a class with 3 other children who were in top group with him in old class. I asked him if he was still in a group with them in new class as I assumed they'd make up top group in new class and dc told me the other 3 are in a group together and that he is in a group with a boy from his old class who was in a lower group last year. I assumed that with the reshuffling he just wasn't one of the brightest 5 kids anymore. No problem. But it turns out at parents evening they aren't grouped by ability at all now. She told me dc is doing great but that he has a great temperament to be with the kids that are easily distractde without getting distracted himself and that he is learning by helping them too.

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