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Gloucestershire Primary Schools

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1dayatatime Thu 04-Nov-10 23:23:53

Does anyone have an opinion on the following primary schools:

Beaudesert Minchinhampton
Rose Hill Westonbirt
Malmesbury Primary
Crudwell Primary
Tetbury St Mary's

Have visted all of them but now finding myself more confused than ever & in a pickle with the application date looming. confused

SkyBluePearl Sun 07-Nov-10 23:14:24

I don't have any friends who send their children to Beaudesert, Westonbirt or Leighterton but have heard good things about all of them. Particularly Leighterton.

Other fab schools in the area include Amberley, Avening and Horsley. I'm not sure if these would be local enough to you though?

1dayatatime Thu 11-Nov-10 14:48:41

Thanks SkyBlue. Went to see Leighterton and you are right it does have a very good reputation and results. On the downside it is an absolute mare to get to, down winding single track roads plus I get the feeling that the school does well because it full of children from pushy mums (hmm am I being slightly hypocritical?)rather than simply being a good school and Head seems to resting on the schools reputation.

Agree that Avening and Horsley are also very good but in the wrong direction for going to work. Thanks

Libertymae Mon 15-Oct-12 19:04:25

I realise this is a super old thread, but would love any opinions on Leighterton, Avening and Tetbury St Marys if anyone has any first hand knowledge??

Thanks in advance

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