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How those times they are a changing

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kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 14:16:43

During the war family stuck together including large extended families, they didn't get handouts so they got off their arses and did something about it. The relied on hand me downs for kid's clothes and were grateful if their child got any type of education and they respected the teacher that was giving the education to their child.

Cut to today

Income support
Housing benefit
Family tax credit
Child benefit
Crisis Loan
Caring allowance
Disability (for depression and bad backs)
Council; tax credit
Excuses made for every naughty behaviour of their child under the sun
When the little bleeders get in trouble the first word many parents say is not responsibility but claim. We may as well hand over the whole country to Oxfam. However credit to Cameron who has limited housing benefit in London to 400 quid a week because he thinks spongers shouldn't be living in homes that working people can only dream of affording. Well at least it'll keep the riff raff out of the nice areas.

colditz Thu 28-Oct-10 14:31:54

run along

MenorcaFan Thu 28-Oct-10 14:46:17

Why in Primary Education?

mrz Thu 28-Oct-10 15:02:20

kelly you need to explore AIBU

TheProvincialLady Thu 28-Oct-10 15:06:31

Have you been reading The Daily Mail Book on What the War Was Like again?

kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 15:22:19

I have ben reading my tax at the end of the month (MFM) money for malingerers

kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 15:23:48

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Doodlez Thu 28-Oct-10 15:24:55

Have you not got some colouring to finish?

CecilyP Thu 28-Oct-10 15:25:59

Did families stick together? Surely WW2 had the greatest number of children living away from their parents in the history of mankind.

kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 15:26:24

Have you not got some home made scones to bake for the November church Fete?

CerealOffender Thu 28-Oct-10 15:33:15

something v. bad obviously happened to kellyegg when he was little and he is projecting all that mummy hatred at us

mrz Thu 28-Oct-10 15:35:23

CecilyP I think it depended where people lived and their social class but many evacuees moved backwards and forwards which is why 1-10 deaths during the blitz were children.

auntevil Thu 28-Oct-10 15:36:12

Had you thought about a career in comedy?

southeastastra Thu 28-Oct-10 15:36:59

during the war?! lol that was a long time ago and exceptional circumstances

Orbs Thu 28-Oct-10 15:37:09

Is this a demonstration to show how silly daily mail readers sound? Bravo!

kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 15:39:50

I read the high brow Sunday Sport

auntevil Thu 28-Oct-10 15:44:52

kellyegg - you would be such a laugh to have join us on a night out. If your views weren't as extreme you would be a pain, but as they are - priceless!

kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 15:46:05

Is a mumsnet night out double choc chip cookies and all the de-caff you can drink?

Sounds a goer!

auntevil Thu 28-Oct-10 15:49:27

More like a good meal and all the alcohol we deserve! - benefit payments willing, eh?

kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 15:59:01

I think we should all throw our housing benefit payments into the the pot, should keep us stocked in snakebites for a while

Doodlez Thu 28-Oct-10 16:40:19

Kellyegg - go and do some proper research. Read about workhouses and real poverty before the welfare state was introduced. Then re-write your purile OP with proper facts and details.

kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 16:43:54

So from 1 extreme (left to sink) to another completely propping up societies spongers is progress

how sad

Acinonyx Thu 28-Oct-10 16:50:28

Yeah war is great news for families. The Iraquis just don't know how good they have it compared to our soft, liberal wishy-washy sponging peacetime whiners.

kellyegg Thu 28-Oct-10 16:53:09

Hear Hear

Lydwatt Thu 28-Oct-10 17:47:21

actually, I think kellyegg has a valuable point here..... hmm, only joking! grin

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