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I want to be a school governor

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kellyegg Tue 26-Oct-10 11:16:30

1) It'll help me get the latest gossip on the HT and which teacher is sleping with which TA
2) I can find out what everyone is earning
3) I can pretend to my friends I know something about education
4) It'll break up coffeee mornings and having my nails painted
5) I can defend women's rights and give all female governors the right to call themselves governesses

Right where is the application form?

bigchris Tue 26-Oct-10 11:17:55

You have to be elected so first you need to hobnob with the school gate mafia

kellyegg Tue 26-Oct-10 11:21:42

OOh good point

not sure I can afford Hob nobs, could push to a custard cream.

mrz Tue 26-Oct-10 11:33:49

Waves at kelly

have they not let you back on tes yet? umbnail_cache/474x427/1539150309-2-carvela-apex-re d-courts-platform.jpg

kellyegg Tue 26-Oct-10 11:40:02

I am back on TES (have been for 18 months) but kellyegg is now a banned username for some inexplicable reason

Big wave back

If you want to se me on TES you need to find a poster with what should we say a certain something

kellyegg Tue 26-Oct-10 11:40:35

MSZ my day is complete

mrz Tue 26-Oct-10 11:55:03

Happy to be of service grin

BarkisIsWilling Tue 09-Nov-10 20:35:03

What's your manifesto?

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