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Wix bilingual section- how hard is it to get in?

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SuiGeneris Fri 22-Oct-10 10:25:57

I was wondering whether anybody had experience of the bilingual section at Wix primary and knew whether it is good and how difficult it is to get in.

Is it madness to consider it if we live 2 miles away? And does it help, for admission purposes, if the child already is in the Wix nursery or another bilingual nursery?

Background is that we live near another good local state school, but it is a faith school and a very full-on one at that, and we'd rather our child went to a lay school.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

SofaQueen Fri 22-Oct-10 10:32:49

Virtually impossible if your child does not hold a French passport. Even if they do hold a passport, it is difficult. The Wix school is directly under the auspices of the Lycee Francais and the whole system is hugely oversubscribed.

You might have more luck at one of the private bilingual schools like L'Ecole des Petits in Battersea, but even they are oversubscribed.

onimolap Sat 30-Oct-10 03:22:00

There are, in effect, three schools at Wix.

1) the French only Lycee which, as pointed out above, is very hard to get into unless you are French.

2) the English only school - usual Wandsworth admissions criteria apply (essentially SN and looked after, then siblings, then distance from school gate).

3) the bilingual school. This falls under the English-only state school and the same Wandeworth criteria apply, though an additional form is also required. So definitely worth a try.

I do not know how near the school you need to live to stand a realistic chance of entry (the school will probably be able to tell you the distances for recent years' admissions).

Wandsworth schools are all oversubscribed, and I believe the bilingual stream more so than the English only.

sanam2010 Fri 29-Apr-11 10:26:45

why don't you chedck the catchment area? the catchment area of the bilingual primary in Fulham is 0.77 miles. 2 miles sounds quite far.

sanam2010 Fri 29-Apr-11 12:34:50

Checked the council website, last distance allocated 279 metres last year so no chance for you.

user1495111832 Thu 18-May-17 16:30:41

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PatriciaHolm Thu 18-May-17 16:34:17

Pretty sure the OP is sorted since this thread IS 6 YEARS OLD!!!!

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