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Best Water Bottle for Reception?

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johnnybuoy Wed 20-Oct-10 19:57:17

Our DS needs to bring a water bottle to school. We did buy a metal one from a big supermarket but now inside I can see these spots - its not mould - more like limescale - he has only been using for a few weeks so not sure why this has happened. Can anybody recommend a good water bottle for a reception child - I dont mind plastic but woudl prefer bpa free. Thanks

gabid Wed 20-Oct-10 21:13:46

We always buy small (I think 1/2 liter) bottles of water from the supermarket and just refill them - with water only, and change them after a while. That seems to work for us.

dikkertjedap Wed 20-Oct-10 21:14:44

I think they are called EZ bottles, they come in different colours and shapes, like green frog, pink tiger, blue bear. We bought ours at Lakeland (John Lewis sells them as well and you can get them online as well). Don't put in the dishwasher though because plastic deforms. Also, make sure you get one with the straw fitting properly so it doesn't get loose during transport etc. We like them but had to test 5 before we found one which was really good. They are nice and hygienic because they close well and the straw is not exposed when not in use and staff can see that there is enough water in it. We also bought a different type of pink bottle (got it at John Lewis, but lakeland does the same one) however after 3 weeks the lid was no longer working.

Octavia09 Wed 20-Oct-10 21:58:52

Buy a bottle from One Green Bottle on Amazon or from their online shop. They sell it in 350ml with a sport hook cap or flipper cap.
There is another brand Glogg also on amazon but it is only good with a cabiner top as another one is very hard to clean. The metal is very good, stainless steel.

Octavia09 Wed 20-Oct-10 22:02:38

Here is the lin to the One Green Bottle website ree_bottles/350ml_Stainless_steel_BPA_Free_Bottle They also sell stickers, name tags.

DoraBelvedon Wed 20-Oct-10 22:05:21

rebel and send in a nice plastic ikea cup.

what is all this bollocks about having to drink from a bottle? and wyh? I don't get it. i just don't get it.

telsa Thu 21-Oct-10 08:29:11

I second One Green Bottle - also called Mudpuddies. hard wearing, non-alu - stainless steel.

telsa Thu 21-Oct-10 08:39:08

I mean Mudpuppies!

Octavia09 Thu 21-Oct-10 09:06:30

I had SIGG bottle and it is rubbish especially the cup. If the food stucks in it it is basically impossible to get it out even with the baby bottle brush; soaking does not help either. I do not know why it costs so much, perhaps because it looks nice. Only that.

DoraBelvedon, why should we rebel and send a child with a plastic cup/bottle? People these days consume too much rubbish. And, taking into consideration the poor quality of the IKEA furniture I doubt their cups are that good either. They just cheat, cheat, cheat to make big profits.

maggiethecat Thu 21-Oct-10 09:18:12

We use sistema (got ours in sainsburys) - got tired of leaking water bottles and so far this one has been good. think it's bpa free too.

Ixia Thu 21-Oct-10 10:11:55

We have Sigg bottles. The sports cap comes apart, so is easy to clean.

We did have Mudpuppies (1 green bottle) and the sports caps were terrible, they don't come apart to clean and got mold in them. I also had one and had to hold the cap open with my teeth whilst drinking, as it kept closing. Really regret wasting money on them.

Ixia Thu 21-Oct-10 10:13:30

Oh, also meant to say, bottles are requested as spillage is less likely.

ramonaquimby Thu 21-Oct-10 10:15:53

we use sigg bottles, they are fine to clean they do come apart. and last years and years

DinahRod Thu 21-Oct-10 10:16:22

yes, sigg

saffrone Thu 21-Oct-10 12:22:20

I vote for onegreenbottle / mudpuppies esp. their sale ones (cosmetic defects) but only with carabiner (sp?) type lids. This is because I could get cheap extra lids (SIGG kept breaking) and cheap thermal neoprene zip-on covers which kept water cool on summer days.

I chose these because BPAfree is important to me. Spent a lot of time researching... blush

TBH sports caps are great for antispill in classroom, but terrible for hygiene whoever makes them as their intricacies do not make for easy cleaning.

Where SIGG did win (while they still worked) was that they have across-body straps for the v young which make them easier to carry when LO's aren't allowed to put them into a bookbag. When they are at rucksack-with-separate pocket age, this stops being important.

If you do get the sale bottles from Mudpuppies (I got 4 in different colours so everyone has their own) then 1 of our 4 has become deformed in shape and paint flaking off; again both SIGGs deformed around the base, so not too bad (and flaking paint is hidden in neoprene jacket). I think the metal bottles always seem to deform a bit around the base ime.

Hope this helps someone!

MilaMae Thu 21-Oct-10 13:22:32

We had Sigg which were fab but not keen on the aluminium so switched to Onya-brilliant so far.

Octavia09 Fri 22-Oct-10 09:14:13

saffrone, just wanted to ask you why your Mudpuppies bottle has become deformed? I wonder whether it is because of the dishwasher. I have a stainless steel frying pan which is very thin and not really good for frying (Littlewoods), it is not recommended to put it into the dishwasher. I guess may be the heat will deform it.
I am going to order one more bottle for my younger DS but only a plain one.

DaniFFM Sun 23-Jan-11 15:15:47

I just found a website which might be interesting for you as I swapped my kids to bpa-free bottles as well. It's a stainless steel bottle and my kids love them as they come in quite nice designs (also for adults!)
Best bottle I found so far.

Greeninkmama Sun 23-Jan-11 17:43:27

I need to order new bottles. Does anyone have thoughts on what kind of cap is best for the mudpuppy?

Imarriedafrog Sun 23-Jan-11 17:45:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RamonaFlowers Sun 23-Jan-11 17:47:30

I'd vote for shelling out on the expense of a SIGG water bottle. Loads of great designs and they just stand the test of time better. Don't leak, wash well - don't degrade etc.

DaniFFM Sat 05-Feb-11 21:20:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

littlebylittle Sun 06-Feb-11 11:30:09

Dora, think about up to thirty children all four and five going to refill their rebellious plastic cups at all times of the day. Unless you send your children into schools in wells and waterproofs I can see the point of bottles.

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 06-Feb-11 11:36:56

Why do they need them at all? Genuine question btw. We used to stick our heads under the water fountain at break time and I'm not that old

UniS Sun 06-Feb-11 23:26:00

Any body found square or rectangular section bottles? I'm looking for something to replace a fruit juice cartoon in DS lunch box.

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