educational children's magazines for 5-year-old DS

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Octavia09 Thu 14-Oct-10 13:54:02

I have been thinking of subscribing to an education child's magazine for my DS. I would be very greatful if you could just suggest me anything good (very) for his age. Are they are expensive? I have seen those that on offer do not include free gifts. May be it is better to buy one issue once in a while instead of subscribing? What are your thoughts and experiences? Thanks.

PaisleyPumpkin Thu 14-Oct-10 14:08:02

I've subscribed to National Geographic Kids for my 6 year old DD with my tesco clubcard points.

Hulababy Thu 14-Oct-10 14:09:53

Would also recommend NG for Kids.

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 14-Oct-10 14:12:03

I have looked at NG Kids but it seems to be aimed at older children, though my two do like the pictures ...

My two also have the tendency of wanting those magazines for Thomas, Sparkle and Princesses - not great, but haven't found anything really suitable for their ages.

Will be watching this thread for inspiration

PaisleyPumpkin Thu 14-Oct-10 14:17:58

There's also a NG little kids. I'm not sure if that's available in this country though.

Octavia09 Thu 14-Oct-10 14:41:01

I see that NG Little kids would be more appropriate for my DS as is just going to be 5 and cannot read yet. I do not think it is available in the UK. I will google for it.

kodokan Fri 15-Oct-10 07:56:21

There's a US publisher called Cricket which does the most wonderful magazines from kids of all ages, fiction and non-fiction:

There are no adverts and it's quality literature with beautiful illustrations. Has a bit of a US bent to it, of course, especially the history/ geog sort of stuff, but quite a lot seems to be Ancient Eygpt, Greece, etc, which is universal.

The subscriptions are staggeringly cheap - around $30 including postage overseas - and you can switch from one mag to another whenever you want during the annual sub if your child gets bored or grows out of one.

And when the annual sub finishes, it finishes - they don't just rebill your credit card and carry on, which is sometimes a bit of a worry with these things.

kodokan Fri 15-Oct-10 07:57:26

Forgot to make the link clickable:

kodokan Fri 15-Oct-10 07:59:28

Oh, and NG Little Kids can be subbed from the US as well, I used to get it for my daughter. I live in Switzerland, and I've found that the US is consistently cheaper with these things than having UK subs.

Octavia09 Fri 15-Oct-10 08:24:23

I am just worried that the US magazines are mainly targeted at the US audience and will include differences in the spellings etc. I would have rather buy something English so I would not have to explain why the fire engine is this colour or other similar things. Thanks for the link. I will have a look at it later.

AgonyBeetle Fri 15-Oct-10 08:36:29

We've had success with Aquila, but it's aimed at older kids (8+). Do bear it in mind for when a few years' time though. You can't buy it in shops, you have to get a subscription.

Takver Fri 15-Oct-10 08:56:20

DD (age 8) says that NG Kids has gone right off in recent months - used to be good, but now just basically loads of promo stuff for toys & films . . . she has a sub but has hardly read the last few .

nwmum Fri 15-Oct-10 09:11:02


My ds (5) enjoys the "Storybox" magazine from Bayard, you can get a three month subscription for £9.75 zines/pre-school-younger-children/storybox?affilia te=P-BM&gclid=CMnwtvW01KQCFQHS4wodg200JQ

my dd reads the adventure box which is also good but they need to be a good- confident read as it is in the form of anillustrated chapter book

Story box contains a story, fact article , games- dots to dot , colouring and comic strip

I would recommend both of their magazines.

Dd (7) gets Aquila magazine also very good but lot more like a reference book and aimed Y5-Y6

Octavia09 Fri 15-Oct-10 13:35:04

kodokan, I have seen Ladybug before. It does look as a good magazine.

I have heard abou the Aquila, so will consider it when DS gets older.

Discovery Box looks as a nice magazine but so expensive.

I have found this link to different kids magazines. cription.cfm

Octavia09 Fri 15-Oct-10 13:42:09

I like the Storybox. WIsh it was cheaper. Is it really that good?

nwmum Fri 15-Oct-10 17:10:06


It really sparked DS's interest and made him keen to be able to read Adventure and Discovery box. Really liked Sam Sam that is in it.

I would say get a three month subsciprtion £12 for 3 issues (DS was part of birthday present from Auntie) and see.

First news is an excellent newspaper for 7+ really sparks interest in world events, you could read it with a younger child and it is available for £1.50 in most supermarkets.

I would be interested to know of any other magazines out there worth a look.

Have tried NG and RSPB, BBC animal magazine and thought they were rubbish.

Think Puffin post is good but expensive

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