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Eaton House The Manor Girls' School

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BarnesMummy Wed 13-Oct-10 00:51:00


We are considering a place for our daughter at Eaton House The Manor Girls' School, as it is very new we don't know anyone that has girls going..

Its very good for boys, but can anyone help with advise on the new girls school?

Any contribution or advice would be very helpful.

HappyMamma Thu 13-Jan-11 10:58:30

Hi There !

This might be too late ... I only just read your thread.

We are at Eaton House the Manor girl school. We started in September and we could not be happier. Lovely school and the new headmistress Mrs Seagrave has already made some huge improvements !

We really could not be happier.

If you want to know anything specific please let me know.

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