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So what 'stereotypes'; do I need to look for amongst the other parents at the school gates?

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Ceebee74 Fri 08-Oct-10 20:26:57

Just wondering as I saw someone refer to a 'Queen Bee' on another thread and I thought ooh yes, I definitely know who that is at my DS's school'.

What others are there?

I am probably the 'harassed working mum' wink

peggotty Fri 08-Oct-10 20:29:37

There's usually an unfeasably glam mum, done up to the nines and whip-thin.

minko Fri 08-Oct-10 20:30:42

PTA Busybody Mum with too much time on her hands. Likes to get everyone's email address and send everyone APBs about cake sales or puppies for sale...

Keepfit Mum who does the school run in lycra before jogging off over the horizon.

Hmmm. There's loads more am thinking...

Ceebee74 Fri 08-Oct-10 20:31:30

Ooh yes, forgot about her - I clocked her within the first week when she turned up in a micro mini denim skirt, full make-up etc etc with her school child and 2 other young children shock Was a bit envy tbh!

miffyjane Fri 08-Oct-10 20:36:26

late mum who lives very near the school but is always rushing in just as the door is shutting.

Hassled Fri 08-Oct-10 20:37:16

There's always a Sporty Mum, and there's always Ageing Hippy Mum.
There's always a Popular Mum, who is really nice and smiley and knows everyone.
There's usually Mum of Disruptive Child, who keeps her head down and everyone feels a bit sorry for (but not sorry enough to invite Disruptive Child home to play).
And there's usually a Very Young Mum, and a Very Old Mum (that'll be me).

miffyjane Fri 08-Oct-10 20:37:49

The mummy who wears sunglasses on her head all year round.

SparklyJules Fri 08-Oct-10 20:40:04

How about the "clothes horse" mum, always seen in the latest fashion trend, never seen in the same shoes twice.

peggotty Fri 08-Oct-10 20:41:07

You know, before DD started school last year I used to think these threads were a load of shite, but actually, it's really really true!

onimolap Fri 08-Oct-10 20:41:16

I was going to say Random Hippie, but now someone's said "Ageing", I'm going to be over-sensitive, tearful wreck in the corner.

peggotty Fri 08-Oct-10 20:42:59

Actually, there's none worse than Trendy-Dad. Thinks all the mums fancy him.

MakemineaGandT Fri 08-Oct-10 20:43:41

At DS's school there are a few Horsey Mums who do the school run in jodphurs

twolittlemonkeys Fri 08-Oct-10 20:47:51

Oh there are so many of the glam mums at DS's school. There are one or two don't-give-a-crap-what-I-look-like mums but they have so much confidence they can pull it off.

Lots of super sporty mums too. In the first week they asked if I wanted to join a netball club they go to on Saturdays. I declined for fear of publicly humiliating myself!

I'm currently mum of disruptive child who people feel a bit sorry for but things are gradually looking up....

Super-efficient working mum who is always wearing a designer suit, and engrossed in important work on Blackberry until the minute her child comes out of school.

Precious mum who is constantly fussing over her DD/DS.

Pushy, competitive mum (loads of those) who enrols child in every activity possible to give her child the edge. Several 4 year olds in DS's class do swimming lessons, ballet or football depending on gender, music lessons, tennis coaching, and karate. Every. Single. Week. hmm

miffyjane Fri 08-Oct-10 20:49:35

pushy dad who asks DD maths questions and spellings on the way into school.

BelleDameSansMerci Fri 08-Oct-10 20:57:00

There might be someone who looks like "Corporate Mummy" in her work suit. She will try to drop her DD every morning but often won't be the one picking her up.

Sometimes (when no-one is looking) she will sit in her car and cry after dropping DD off because she misses her so much.

Please be kind to her (if you can bear to be) - it's me. smile

PixieOnaLeaf Fri 08-Oct-10 21:02:55

Message withdrawn

teacherspet33 Fri 08-Oct-10 21:10:28

Pregnant mum or with a newborn mum...thinks everyone else is really interested in either bump or baby. I expect people think I'm mean...but I'm just bored of all that now wink

Ceebee74 Fri 08-Oct-10 21:14:13

Keep them coming...I have seen them all I think wink

Definitely have a 'trendy dad' who thinks all the mums fancy him (in fact today, he had really tight jeans on), there is one mum who is pregnant and stands there constantly stroking her bump therefore drawing attention to it wink - I think she might also be the 'precious mum' as she deliberately stands right at the gate so the teacher cannot help but talk to her when they open the gate!

On a Monday, I am the 'sporty mum' as DH usually works from home so I can slip off to the gym whilst DS2 sleeps so I do the school run in my gym gear - everyone must think I am super fit grin

Ceebee74 Fri 08-Oct-10 21:15:02

pixie DS1's best friends mum is annoyingly lovely aswell - I often wish I could be like her!

GypsyMoth Fri 08-Oct-10 21:15:46

The Mumsnet Mum.....head to toe in Boden!!

The 'worn out' mum......fleece and baggy tracksuit bottoms

The 'serial mum'.....a horde of kids,all in different schools/classes

nikki1978 Fri 08-Oct-10 21:17:32

'Picks kids up but doesn't get involved much - people probably think she is unsociable mum'

That'll be me grin

peggotty Fri 08-Oct-10 21:18:17

lol I've got 3 pregnant mums though fortunately none are particularly attention seeking. I think I am Screeching-Mum, I have a toddler who is usually a dot on the horizon of the playground, and have to hot-foot it after it him. I also have the dc who is usually crying going into school (fine when she gets in, just pants at separating from me)!

geraldinetheluckygoat Fri 08-Oct-10 21:18:39

Anyone else trying to figure out which one they are? I am sometimes Precious Mum, and often (new category) Bloody Knackered Constantly Mum.

bethjeff Fri 08-Oct-10 21:19:28

Ridiculously dressed mum.

She who wears bizarre and always has a silly looking handbag.They usually have a woefully non 'standard mum' haircut.

Regretfully I think I am her most of the time.

NonnoMum Fri 08-Oct-10 21:19:40

The "part time" mum.

Not quite sure what's going on either at work or at school, being as she's only there part of the time...

That'll be me, then...

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