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Does anyone else have a child who doesn't seem to enjoy formal learning and what do you do about it?

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electra Tue 21-Sep-10 13:55:39

Dd is nearly 7. She's just started year 2. She's doing ok, but we've had various struggles with her willingness to conform (at the beginning of year 1 I used reinforcement systems a lot which seemed to be effective). Some children seem keen to please their teacher but this is a concept that she seems untouched by!

Her reading is coming along nicely but she has trouble applying herself at school according to her teachers. At the moment she's in a very small school and is one of nine children - so they have the time to make sure that she is working and actually doing something / staying on task. I have a feeling that in a class of 30 she could get away with doing very little and it could go relatively unnoticed.

It's very hard to figure out how she feels about learning or what drives her as she doesn't seem to want to talk about it. She started ballet last term and seemed to be enjoying it. She took her medal test and did well and got some really nice comments but then she said to me last week she doesn't want to go any more. I have no idea if she's serious or whether she'll change her mind again!

She loves the social side of school and seems popular with her peers but she just doesn't want to do any work! I don't care if she's not an academic (although she seems quite intelligent to me), I would just like to help her find what inspires her.

Any advice, thoughts?

electra Tue 21-Sep-10 14:25:18


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