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Private schools near Orpington

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BusyBeeMommy Mon 13-Sep-10 11:36:08

Hello all, we live Orpington, looking for a good primary school for my DS ( 3 year old ). We are looking private schools atm as we are out catchment for Warren Road school. We are considering Bickley Park and Farringtons to start his schooling and hoping he would make his way to St Olaves later. Anyone know how do these schools compare? Any definite +/- in both schools at primary level ?
We are tending more towards Farringtons as it is co-ed and also has a nursery on the same grounds ( easier with younger siblings )

Main reason for private school being - my DS is quite sharp and analytical, gets bored too easily and like things that challenge him mentally, at the same he is vey independent minded. Is Farringtons best school for him?

Any information would be very helpful..

PositiveVibes Mon 13-Sep-10 14:23:35

I think Bickley Park is more academic, went to look at both myself and definitely seemed that boys would be aiming for common entrance at 13 having attended there. I'm not sure but I don't think they particularly coach boys for the 11+ (don't quote me on that though!) Farringtons seemed lovely, very caring and of course goes to 18 if you want. Not sure how their secondary results compare with the grammar school exam results.

Sallyssss Mon 13-Sep-10 18:59:49

Also look at Babingtons in Chislehurst, co-ed to 7 and then they move to Eltham College.

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