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Is Portway Primary School in Stratford any good?

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Dontworry Fri 10-Sep-10 15:07:21

Last year filled the form with Portway school as first preference for Reception class for DD and she got it and started going just 2 days back.
That time I chose it b'coz of Ofsted report of 2006 saying its an outstanding school.
But recent Ofsted done in 2010 says its degraded from Outstanding school to a Good school.
Shall I change the school for DD on behalf of this?Please advise.

Mummyisamonster Fri 10-Sep-10 15:59:41

I wouldn't change schools just on the basis of an Ofsted report.

How is your DD enjoying it so far? What is her teacher like?

What did the most recent Ofsted report actually say?

Talk to some other parents too. FWIW I've heard Portway School is very good - I know someone who's DS started reception last year and she is very impressed.

I'd say it would be more detrimental to a child to pull them out of school in which they're happy, just to go to another school on the basis of one report.

Clary Sun 12-Sep-10 01:29:25

Ofsted framework has changed too so a lot of schools have appeared to come down.

Our jnr school has gone from good to satisfactory but I am very happy with it.

I wouldn't move (there or away from it!) just based on Ofsted tbh. What was your feeling when you visited it? Yes is DD happy there?

EBDteacher Sun 12-Sep-10 06:07:17

I was just going to say what Clary said.

On the new criteria Good is as hard to get as the old Outstanding. To get Outstanding now schools have to be entirely self-sufficient 'Good Life' style, sending the entire pupil body on cultural exchange every year to learn a modern foreign language by immersion, staffing the local community centre full time.... and all sorts of other crazy stuff. Oh, and all coming out with L5s in Y6 of course

Don't move your DD away from a school just because they haven't got their heads around all that yet!

Dontworry Mon 13-Sep-10 15:10:30

Thanks to all your replies.Good to know about new Ofsted criteria,I was getting worried for nothing.And yes dd is happy there n i think thats what should matter.
Thanks again,u all helped me in this.

zuriwilliams13 Sat 19-Mar-16 09:30:32

I had bad experience in this school. This school haven't good management and accountability. I tried to talk with class teacher but she haven't time to talk with me. I am so annoyed. In this school teacher changed in week. wtf. Please don't send your children in this school. This is full crap school.

Zimmy3 Sat 19-Mar-16 11:17:58

Portway primary school is in a rut of epic proportions. In July 2015 Ofsted rated it at a pathetic "special measures". They can't take any students and are having staff retention issues. 7 teachers have come and gone in year 5 alone since 2015 September. It's better to send your children to a car crash than it is to send them to portway. There's a reason the school is turning into an academy after easter this year. Read ofsted and wake up folks.

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