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William Hogarth school chiswick

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goosemum Mon 09-Aug-10 20:32:45

Hi please, does anyone know anything about this school? looking for some honest feedback- thanks!

Logopolitan Tue 10-Aug-10 07:59:30

Only second hand information I'm afraid but it's good! The school has apparently improved significantly over the last couple of years - which you can see from the league tables (if you place much faith in them) where it is now near the top in the borough. The parents association is apparently quite active which is a good sign of engagement with the school. Some parents appear to turn their noses at it on the basis that the majority of the pupils are non white as if this makes any difference.
Very much hope things go well - primary places have been a bunfight in the borough over the last few years.

deaddei Tue 10-Aug-10 11:49:59

It's next to the Catholic primary isn't it?
Nothing much to offer, but hear the head is excellent.

goosemum Fri 13-Aug-10 13:04:50

thank you- much appreciated!

robelima Tue 28-May-13 10:11:23

after 3 you know have your children there? Do you like it? Is is very very mixed (white British/non white)?
I am looking into moving to Chiswick and I dont have many options of good estate schools.


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