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Does anyone know about Sandfield and/or Guildford Grove Primary School?

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GU2 Sun 18-Jul-10 08:49:10

Hi all, I tried to find some infomation about 2 primary schools in the subject in the former threads but could not find so much.

Any kinds of information of good and bad things are appreciated such as atmosphere, manner of pupils, reputation, etc. because I am currently living outside the UK.

Looking forward to any comments!

mummytime Sun 18-Jul-10 09:16:45

I'd probably go for Sandfield if I had to. Sandfield has a lot of families from overseas so does get quite a turn over, and is why it may have places. Its in a nicer bit of town, and I quite like the Headmistress.

Guldford Grove is a bit further from the centre of town, the buildings are probably nicer (Sandfield is quite old, 1930s ish or older).

Neither are the school that people fight for, but the seem nice enough.

GU2 Sun 18-Jul-10 09:37:01

Hello Mummytime,

I didn't know that Guildford Grove's building was newer than Sandfield.

>>Neither are the school that people fight >>for, but the seem nice enough.

This is one of the most concerned for me because someone said that some areas don't have a good reputation, so your comment is helpful.

Many thanks!

mummytime Sun 18-Jul-10 13:57:03

Sandfield is in the town centre, close to a busy road. There are some nice areas quite close, and kids do go there after parents have moved into the better areas, but those schools are full. It does have a lot of University parents, which is why it often has places, as people move on.

Guildford Grove is up near Tescos in a less nice part of town. My kids have been there for holiday activities and the buildings seemed very nice.

I presume you are moving into Guildford? Do also ask to be put onto waiting lists of other schools you like. Although Surrey as a whole is suffering from increasing primary numbers.

GU2 Mon 19-Jul-10 04:53:40

Yes, I am one of them. I am to go to the university, actually.

I have got the place by council but wanted actual information about schools from mums.

The new building of Guildford Grove is attractive though, I still care the reputation of Park barn area, which is not so good, isn't it?

By the way, is there Tescos or other supermarkets in the town centre, too?

mummytime Mon 19-Jul-10 05:18:22

There is a small SAinsburys at the top of the High Street, and a Tescos express near the Station. Tescos and Sainsburys both deliver (as do Waitrose, Asda (from Farnborough) and Ocado (and I think M&S but I've never worked that one out).

Where are you living? I would be very inclined to look at schools close to you. If it is primary I think the schools are both okay. Secondary is a much bigger divide. I would also look at other local schools and ask direct if they might be able to take your child, as Surrey CC doesn't always know the day to day situation.

GU2 Tue 20-Jul-10 05:07:35

Thanks a lot mummytime, it's very kind of you. I am curretnly living in Japan(!) and through Surrey CC, received places from 2 primary schools, which are Guildford Grove and Sandfield.
So I have to choose either and submit the reply.

Both of the schools must not be so different because my son's is primary as you mentioned, but the area often reflects the atomosphere or etc., you know. Although I don't know why Park barn doesn't have a good reputation, I would like to choose better area.

I have never been to Guildford but have stayed in Ware, Hearts more than 20 years ago and guess Guildford is a friednly, nice area.

mummytime Tue 20-Jul-10 06:44:28

Do you know where you are going to be living? If you are living in the town centre, then Sandfield would be a good option. If you are up on or near the University Campus then Guildford Grove would be much more convenient.

Park Barn is a huge area of social housing. I have met the kids, who are fine, but have low asperations, and in an area of relative wealth tend to feel like second class citizens.

Also in an area like Guildford, the more together families will try to move to social housing in a "better" area of the town. So problems do tend to be clustered up there. The school though seems okay to me (but if you are living there I would try emailing Queen Eleanors just incase, and being put on their waiting list). If in the town centre I would email Holy Trinity (and/or if further west, Boxgrove and St Thomas's).

Good luck!

GU2 Tue 20-Jul-10 10:11:40

I have not decided our place yet, but want to live in the place which is convenient to reach both my son's school and the university by bus (or public transportation) because I don't intend to drive myself during staying there in order to avoid any troubles.

With your advise, I could understand why some people say not so good about Park barn. Understandable.

I know Boxgrove has a really good reputation but, it seemed to be far from the uni, and regarding Queen Eleanor's, will they accept foreign children who are not Christian?
Isn't it so?
If my understanding is not correct, I will try to email Boxgrove or Queen Eleanor's by myself. I can't make a burden on you.

mummytime Tue 20-Jul-10 10:36:02

Guildford isn't that big. From the town centre you can get to anywhere quite easily. In fact its a 10/20 minute walk to the University (and there is a short cut for pedestrian's and buses).
If you were on the university Campus, then Guildford Grove might be a good idea.

No school can be biased against you for being foreign (its illegal). Queen Eleanor's, Holy Trinity, St Joseph's and St Thomas's are all Christian (first two C of E, second Catholic), they do rank church going higher for admissions but do all have non-Christian children. And as people do have to move it is worth being put on their waiting lists. It is also worthwhile checking out Breakfast and after school clubs, as they may be of help to you.

Good luck! I am sure you will settle in fine.

GU2 Tue 20-Jul-10 10:47:22

Oh, really?
I try to find a school again if possible because I don't live on a campus. (I am not such a young person LOL.)

Anyway, let me thank you very much again for taking your time.
All of your comments were so helpful.

mummytime Tue 20-Jul-10 16:57:01

BTW the end of term is this Thursday or Friday. I would just email all the head teachers, they will also be in some times over the summer.

hotcrossbunny Tue 20-Jul-10 22:28:57

Hi. When are you moving here?

You've had good advice from mummytime . If I had to choose, I'd go for Sandfield. I've heard lots of positive things about it, and it appears to have a very good headteacher. I would definitely email all the schools direct, people are moving all the time.

GU2 Wed 21-Jul-10 15:05:09

Hello Mummytime, I can't find a good expression to thank you for your kindness, really. You may not know though, my anxiety was reduced by your advise here indeed.

Hi Hotcrossbunny, yes, she is very nice-hearted mum. Now I will be happy to accept a place at Sandfield even though I don't receive preferable response from other schools. Actually I emailed an enquiry to some schools before the Surrey CC, but all of them advised me that I should contact with the council not to the school directly. However your comment about Sandfield was enough to encourage me.

The Surrey university doesn't have adequate information related with this matter, I am grateful to this website and especially to you two.

helencw77 Wed 21-Jul-10 23:06:47

Hi, I just wanted to add that given those two choices, I would definitely choose Sandfield (and it will be easy to get to as its in the centre of town), I think it is a much nicer school than Guildford Grove. I don't know if the really good schools will have places (Boxgrove, Queen Eleanors etc), but think Sandfield has a good reputation, I would say that you could walk from uni to Sandfield in about 20-30 mins if you take a couple of shortcuts, and the Park and Ride bus which runs every 10 mins will also drop you about 10 minutes from it.

Good luck with the move,


GU2 Thu 22-Jul-10 06:04:36

Hi Helen,

Thank you very much for adding your comment. I am pleased to hear that and now am convincing which school I should accept the offer at.

Also I think that Guildford must be a lovely town because there are many tender mums such as all of you.

Many thanks from Japan!

TheBossofMe Thu 22-Jul-10 06:24:18

GU2 - Guildford is a lovely place, and Surrey one of the nicest counties in the UK, full of friendly people, and very welcoming indeed. I hope you enjoy your life there!

GU2 Fri 23-Jul-10 12:33:37

Thanks TheBossofMe,

Yes, I am looking forward to letting my son spend his young days in Guildford with new friends, and of course so am I.

Please have a nice summer!

jezbian Wed 23-Oct-13 14:23:07

Zombie thread this may be but I just wanted to add that my son has been at Guildford Grove for the last two years and is absolutely thriving there.
The surrounding area, Park Barn, does not have the best reputation and some of the parents look like they'd at home on Jeremy Kyle, but regards the school, the facilities are very, very good & the staff outstanding.

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